Professionalism is not oppression

The idea that showing their bodies in public is empowering to women is the biggest hoax men have ever perpetrated on feminists. Men get to look at women and women think they are sticking it to “the patriarchy.” As with the sexual revolution and the hook up culture, men get what they want and women get hurt.

You have probably heard of the Cornell “student” who decided to protest her professor’s advice by stripping to her underwear to give her thesis. The absurdity does not end there, as other students joined her in this protest by stripping down to their underwear. Twenty years ago, this would have been a parody. Not any more.

The obvious answer is this: Grow up. Expecting professionalism is not oppression. Most employers have some sort of dress code. (In most offices, men are not permitted to wear shorts, for example.) That a female professor prods a female student to dress professionally is not a violation of her rights or demeaning to her as a person. She will need to learn professionalism at some point.

Coddled students with an entitlement mentality starts with coddled children who have an entitlement mentality. Students who are well trained and well disciplined at home are less likely to behave this way when they are adults at college. The fact that colleges have to deal with this foolishness is evidence of how many parents refuse to actually be parents.

This is not me being an old man telling people to get off my lawn. I would have said the same thing in 1996. The idea that a grown woman giving a presentation in her underwear is some sort of blow for feminism shows just how silly the modern feminist movement has become and why a large percentage of women will not call themselves feminists. This is not egalitarianism. This is just childish.

An anti-competitive practice

WordPress has several advantages over Blogspot, but moving the blog last summer definitely hurt my Google search rankings. Google clearly prioritizes their own product and platform.

This blog is at the top of searches for “Scott Tibbs” on Yahoo and Bing, but Google is clearly the big dog in search engines. It is a pretty anti-competitive practice by Google, if you think about it.

A very silly environmentalist meme

We all love a funny meme, but by their nature they oversimplify complex issues. Therefore, memes (and political cartoons) can be useful in making a general point, but they should not be considered a serious argument and we certainly should not rely on memes to make a serious argument. Such is the case with one meme I have seen a few times on Facebook:

If you think the economy is more important than the environment, try holding your breath while counting your money.

This is straight out of a Captain Planet cartoon. What our mullet-wearing “superhero” does not get is that there are legitimate times to consider trade-offs between the environment and the economy. It also does not account for the fact that the modern economy has been a benefit to human health, and that we would all be far worse off if we subsisted as part of “nature” like the animals.

For one thing, a wealthier economy allows access to basic infrastructure that benefits human health. One of the most important is modern sewage treatment. One need only look at the horrific cholera outbreaks in Haiti to see why investment in health infrastructure – infringing on the “environment” for human health – can save countless lives. People in modern economies have significant health benefits over people who live in poor countries without that infrastructure.

Furthermore, having more money allows people to not only have more food to grow stronger, but to eat a healthier diet so we can get both the calories and the nutrients our bodies need. There is a reason that the people of North Korea are shorter in stature than the people of South Korea, for example. As an economy modernizes and becomes more wealthy, human health improves. Let’s not forget that wealthier nations have access to more and higher-quality health care than poor nations.

Yes, obviously we should not wreck the environment. Even most libertarians recognize the need for some environmental regulations, if only to protect people’s property from being damaged by the recklessness of others. But saying that the economy must never take precedence over the environment is simple-minded, callous and cruel. It is a typically Western attitude, where we are not grateful for what we have and we lecture those with less about being environmentally conscious. We should not be surprised when they tell us to buzz off.

Celebrity worship is anti-conservative

Do conservatives believe in merit anymore? Do conservatives believe that someone should be judged on his accomplishments? Or do we fall in love with celebrities instead? Is posting a viral YouTube video or saying a couple “lit” things on Twitter all it takes to be a leader in the conservative movement? Worse yet, is being viciously personally attacked by a Leftist troll all it takes to be a top spokesperson?

This is apparently the case, which is why we see conservative thought leaders actually arguing for YouTube celebrities who make basic conservative arguments and have a following online to be placed in prominent positions in the White House. Never mind that there are others who have actually paid their dues, and never mind that a social media celebrity may be making the exact same arguments as literally millions of other conservatives on social media or their own blogs. Nope, this celebrity is popular, so let’s elevate him or her. Qualifications? Education? Experience? Who cares!

But Donald Trump did not have any experience, you might say. That is not quite true. Trump has been a real estate mogul for decades, supervising construction, government permits, his workforce and various other things required to build his empire. If nothing else, he understands how to work through the system to get things done. Do I think everything he has done us laudable? Obviously not. Some of his business practices have been downright deplorable. But the experience was there nonetheless. I had a lot of problems with nominating Trump and I did not vote for him, but he did have relevant experience to the job.

Guys, let’s stop this celebrity worship. Some idiots on the right were even praising KGB thug Vladimir Putin because he outmaneuvered Barack Obama on something. Never mind that Putin is literally a Communist who admires the Soviet Union – a brutal dictatorship that murdered tens of millions of people. Never mind that Putin is literally a KGB thug. Our partisan/tribal hatred for Obama forces us to embrace someone who makes Obama look like a hardcore conservative.

This is not what conservatism is supposed to be. We need to be about ideas, principles and merit, not about celebrity worship. This needs to stop, right now.

Dear news media: We have never liked you

For all of the hand-wringing by the news media about President Trump whipping up contempt for them, they are missing a much larger overall point. Conservatives have always disliked and distrusted the mainstream news media. This was at the core of Rush Limbaugh’s popularity in the 1990’s, the conservative blogosphere in the early 2000’s, and conservative media today.

Last week, something hit my “on this day” page on Facebook that made me smile. I posted about a May 2012 Herald-Times editorial whining about “The H-T watch,” a website set up by the IU College Republicans with the primary voting records of Herald-Times staff. What made this hilarious is that the CR website was launched in 1996, so the H-T was literally still complaining about it 16 years later – long after everyone involved had graduated, moved away and probably forgotten all about it.

Of course, Donald Trump was not on the radar to be running for anything as a Republican in 1996. Trump was still a Clinton-supporting Democrat back then, so you cannot blame Donald Trump for a bunch of 20 year old college students jabbing at the local news media. This points to an uncomfortable reality for the news media: Conservatives have considered the news media to be untrustworthy and biased for decades now, and the only place to put the blame is on the news media itself.

Yes, Donald Trump has helped sharpen Republicans’ criticism of the media, but if the media wants to know why they are distrusted on the Right they should take criticism of their coverage seriously. When the news media goes so far as to exclude conservative voices from their opinion pages (even anti-Trump conservatives) they intensify that distrust and dislike by telling us our opinions are not worthwhile and should not be permitted in civil society. Of course, they will not listen. They will continue to be biased and reckless with the facts, which will increase tribalism in news consumers. That is bad for everyone.

Reality check on the Iran deal

The Iran deal was NEVER binding and leaving it does NOT damage our credibility.

For any agreement to have the force of law it must be ratified by the U.S. Senate. Barack Obama was not a king and had no authority to make that deal with Iran without the consent of the Senate. This is basic constitutional law.

Basically, Donald Trump did not take us out of the Iran deal because there was NEVER a deal in the first place!

Donald Trump and the campaign finance witch hunt

How absurd is it that an investigation about Russian interference in the 2016 election has morphed into a FBI raid of an attorney’s office over whether or not the President had sex with a porn star? The fact that we literally have an FBI raid over a potential alleged campaign finance violation – which is a civil matter, not a criminal one – shows how this is a fishing expedition rather than a legitimate investigation.

Let’s be clear here. The payment to Stormy Daniels in exchange for her silence was not illegal. It was not a violation of campaign finance laws, because no campaign funds were used. Making the case that it is an “in kind” contribution is shaky at best, since you would have to prove intent. Was this to avoid harming the campaign, or to avoid embarrassing Melania? And, again, this has nothing at all to do with Russian meddling.

That said, we all know exactly what kind of man Donald Trump is. Christians need to be clear that, while we are happy with his policies, his personal morality and rebellion against God’s teaching on sexuality is morally repugnant and he must repent of his sin. He certainly should not have led the National Prayer Breakfast, which cheapens Christianity into being an arm of the Republican Party and causes unbelievers to blaspheme.

It would be nice if we had a President who was not a complete moral degenerate, but we have who we have. Christians can support this President without hypocrisy, because his policies have been good. Supporting Trump’s policies and supporting his re-election based on those policies do not in any way require Christians to overlook or excuse the moral cesspool his life has been for the last fifty years. Our loyalty must be to Jesus Christ, not any politician.

1 Corinthians 15:19-26

If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable. But now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the firstfruits of them that slept. For since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead.

For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive. But every man in his own order: Christ the firstfruits; afterward they that are Christ’s at His coming.

Then cometh the end, when He shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father; when he shall have put down all rule and all authority and power. For He must reign, till he hath put all enemies under his feet.

The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

Joe Donnelly and the murder of Alfie Evans

The state-ordered murder of Alfie Evans is Joe Donnelly’s vision for the future of America. Do you think that is too harsh? Do you think I am being unfair to the “moderate” Democrat from Indiana? Nope. Donnelly voted in favor of murdering Alfie and many more like him when he cast his vote in favor of the wicked ObamaCare legislation. Donnelly voted for rationing and for government death panels deciding who lives and who dies. So much for his alleged “christian” faith.

Donnelly knew exactly what he was voting for from the way President Obama talked about ObamaCare before it passed. When a woman asked Obama at a town hall meeting whether her mother would be allowed to get a life-saving surgery under ObamaCare, Obama responded that maybe she would be better off taking a pain pill. It was a horrifying moment. Of course, thanks to the hysteria over opioid painkillers, even that option will soon be unavailable. We will just have to die in pain.

Let’s be real here. Having the federal government pay for and heavily regulate our health care system will inevitably lead to rationing, and to government bureaucrats and so-called “judges” deciding who lives and who dies. If we move to single-payer health care – a dream of folks like Obama, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton – it will be even worse. The socialist health care system in the United Kingdom is so corrupt that it would not even allow another hospital in another nation to try to save helpless little Alfie. They were consumed with bloodlust and that is the direction our own nation is headed.

The state-ordered murder of little Alfie, like Charlie Gard before him, shows that Sarah Palin was right when she warned about “death panels” back in 2009. Donnelly knew it too, and voted for ObamaCare anyway. This is why Donnelly must be fired from his job as U.S. Senator. Justice demands it.