Prison rape is an evil that must always be opposed

Matt Walsh commented on a horrific story of child abuse on his Facebook page:

And the injustice is made even worse by the fact that this guy will now be put in protective custody in prison to shield him from prison justice. Personally, i think it’s immoral to force the taxpayers to pay for special treatment and protection for child rapists.

Throw him into the general population to fend for himself? No. That is an evil viewpoint.

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am an enthusiastic supporter of the death penalty. I volunteer to personally pull the switch on the electric chair to kill this man. I will rejoice with great joy when this man is dead. But prison rape is not “justice.” It is a crime against humanity and we are worse as a country for turning a blind eye to it. When we allow our prisoners to be raped, beaten, tortured and extrajudicially murdered by other prisoners, we are no different than the totalitarian regimes like North Korea that we condemn. We are no different from the Islamic State. This is evil and God hates it.

A humane execution at the hands of the civil magistrate, imposed after a fair trial where a murderer or rapist is convicted by a jury of his peers beyond a reasonable doubt, is a good and just thing. I would say it is a beautiful thing that shows the love of God. Years or decades of sexual torture, anal rape and brutal beatings at the hands of other prisoners is something totally different. It violates the rule of law and turns us into sadistic barbarians and savages. It is anathema to Christian doctrine and American values.

Walsh claims that we should not be forced to pay for security for evil men who commit horrific acts. Yes, we are. That is the whole point of having prisons and correctional officers in the first place: To provide some order and security. Prison is not supposed to be a place where anarchy rules. If for no other reason than the security of the guards and other staff, there must be order and security. Does Walsh seriously not understand why this is needed? Is he truly this stupid and ignorant?

Plus, sometimes innocent people go to jail. Bernard Baran went to prison on a totally fabricated charge of child abuse. While he was there, he was raped more than 30 times. Does Matt Walsh think this is a good thing? I mean, we should not spend extra money to protect people convicted of horrible crimes. Let Baran fend for himself. He goes to prison, gets raped 30 times, and then… Oops!! He was innocent all along. Does Matt Walsh think that was a good thing?

Does Matt Walsh approve of what happened to Christopher Clugston, who was sent to prison for a crime he did not commit, where he was gang raped and infected with AIDS? Would Matt Walsh have objected to the added security needed to protect Clugston from being gang raped and infected with a fatal disease? Clugston was convicted, after all… until he was exonerated. As Britney Spears would say: Oops!! We did it again.

Matt Walsh is endorsing something that God hates. Walsh needs to repent.

Harvey Weinstein, rape culture and draining the swamp

While conservatives are shrieking with glee over the revelations that Harvey Weinstein is a sexual predator, we are missing a major issue and we risk losing an opportunity to make real progress against sexual violence by making this a partisan feces-throwing contest. The issue with Weinstein scandal is not liberal hypocrisy. It is how people in power get away with rape and sexual assault. The issue is rape culture.

Is hypocrisy an issue, given how politicians who condemn maltreatment of women accepted Weinstein’s money when it was well known within Hollywood what he did? Sure. But the bigger issue is how people in power get away with crime because they have money. Examples include the previously mentioned Weinstein, but also Jerry Sandusky, Bill Cosby, Josh Duggar and Dennis Hastert. Each of them leveraged their power to get away with sex crimes, though all were eventually exposed. So-called “judge” Aaron Persky, who released Brock Turner after a violent rape, also contributes to rape culture.

Weinstein is just the tip of the iceberg. 1980’s child star Corey Feldman has exposed the evil in Hollywood over the last few years, including the sexual abuse inflicted upon him and the even worse abuse suffered by his friend Corey Haim. Let’s be brutally honest here: Corey Haim was murdered by his rapists. They may not have had a direct hand in his death, but that abuse started him on the self-destructive path that ended his life before age 40. They should all be put to death.

Until we break the crooked system that allows people like Weinstein, Sandusky, Hastert, Duggar and Cosby to get away with their crimes for years and even decades, we will never have justice and women will never be safe. We need to drain the swamp, staring with removing corrupt prosecutors and so-called “judges” from office. We need to drain the swamp not just in Washington DC, but in every nook and cranny of this country, down to the local county courthouses.

Of course there was evil on both sides in World War II

It is common for people to assume that in a conflict, one side is right and one side is wrong. This is often not the case, and we need to use discernment. Sometimes, both sides have good points, and sometimes both sides are wrong. Sometimes there is a mix of good and bad on both sides. In fact, there are many conflicts where there is pure evil on both sides. This brings me to this comment from a letter to the editor last week:

In World War II, America and her allies defeated Hitler and the Nazis. To my knowledge, no one has ever said, “Those Nazis were some bad hombres, but to be fair, there were bad people on both sides.”

The idea that there were not bad guys on both sides in World War II is utterly absurd.

Joseph Stalin was every bit as evil as Adolf Hitler was, and the Soviet Union murdered even more people than Nazi Germany did. On top of the blood spilled by Communists in the USSR, we have the rivers of blood spilled by Stalin’s ally Mao Zedong. Tens of millions of people were murdered by Red China in the name of Communism. Can there be any doubt that Communism is a truly evil philosophy?

On the western front, the moral lines were clear. Ruthless Nazi Germany was the aggressor, and we were engaged in a defensive war to liberate Europe from the Third Reich. But it is also true that we sided with a terrible evil (the Soviet Union) because it was necessary to defeat another evil (Nazi Germany) that was a more imminent threat to us and to our allies.

Once the war was over, the enemies of the defeated Nazis became our enemies. There is a good reason we had a Cold War with our former allies for 45 years after the end of World War II and why we sacrificed so much in blood and treasure to stop Soviet expansionism.

The world is not black and white. There is evil everywhere. Only a fool denies that.

Too many notifications on Twitter

I woke up one morning last week with over one hundred notifications from a reply to a popular verified Twitter account, as my reply eventually had separate groups of people arguing with each other. I assume most of them had forgotten that I was even involved in the conversation, or gave a second thought to it. Nonetheless, a conversation that had moved far beyond anything to do sent me a notification on each tweet.

Here is the problem: Because of Twitter’s new reply system, you do not need to include someone’s username to reply to them. I am of the opinion that the old system was better. Yes, new one allows for more characters not taken up by usernames, but the old one limited the number of people you replied to in one thread.

Under the old system, I would have never gotten that many notifications for tweets that have nothing to do with me, because people would have removed @ConservaTibbs to save necessary characters in the 140 limit. I had to mute notifications for the first post in the mega-thread. I have never had to do that before. Even a day and a half later, I was still getting notifications when I temporarily un-muted the thread.

I hope Twitter considers going back to the old system, which also had the added benefit of forcing people to be a little more imaginative. Muting the thread is an option if you are getting too many notifications, of course, but the new system creates a bigger problem than it solved.

Antifa thugs and criminals deserve to be condemned

I expect people will often virulently disagree with my letters to the editor in the Herald-Times, and I expect that the Herald-Times Online comments section will be lively. I am long past expecting civility or honesty from my critics in HTO story comments. But when someone submits a letter to be published in the print edition in response to me, it is not too much to expect the criticism will be honest.

The October 10 letter damns me for equating the “alt right” thugs with Antifa thugs, but he dishonestly ignores the fact that I very clearly said that “White supremacists and neo-Nazis are evil,” and that I also mentioned that “I have been personally attacked on numerous occasions by neo-Nazis who are furious that I oppose their agenda.” It is shameful and despicable to ignore these facts.

Third, the violent crimes of Antifa are well-documented with video evidence – including violently attacking a black man. It is very interesting that my critic did not condemn that in his letter attacking me.

The fact that Antifa has engaged in thuggery and criminal behavior is not arguable. I will never apologize for equating a group of violent Antifa thugs with a group of violent neo-Nazi thugs.

I mentioned in my letter the Antifa thugs violently attacking free speech demonstrators in Berkeley. Antifa thugs surrounded and beat a man of Asian ancestry. No wonder hate crimes have increased, with people like my critics excusing Antifa thugs who attack minorities. RESIST the violent Antifa thugs!

My position is and always has been that political violence is wrong, no matter who does it. It is too bad that Leftists are so consumed with partisan hatred that they become filled with rage when someone criticizes violence on all sides. Until Leftists stop the obsessive hatred, bipartisanship is a foolish fantasy.

You do not have the right to “free” birth control

I am allowed to say pretty much whatever I want on this blog without interference from government, because the First Amendment prohibits government from interfering with my speech. According to the logic used by Leftists, however, I am still being censored by government unless someone else is forced by the state to buy me a computer and pay for my Internet access.

This brings me to President Trump’s action on birth control last week. Trump did not take away anyone’s birth control by reversing the wretched ObamaCare birth control mandate. The administrative action, by itself, does not take anything from anyone. What Trump did was allow employers to choose for themselves whether to provide birth control, instead of having government force the coverage on them.

But for many on the Left, simply tolerating something is not enough. You must be forced to endorse that behavior, or you are oppressing them. Leftists claim they are being “oppressed” if government does not take someone else’s money by force and give it to them. It is an absurd argument, and represents an incredibly selfish and arrogant entitlement mentality.

The principle is actually really simple. A right is something you possess naturally, without input from anyone else. It does not burden anyone when government is prohibited from entering my home at will and searching through my things. It does burden someone else if government forces employers to fund birth control against their will. If someone else has to pay for the thing you want, it is not a “right” and never will be.

It is important to note that this attack on religious liberty was implemented administratively by the Obama administration, not legislatively through an act of Congress. Leftists cheered when Barack Obama bragged that he had “a pen and a phone” and would bypass Congress when he felt like it. Well, President Trump has a pen and a phone too. If you live by the executive order, you will die by the executive order. This is why these things should be handled through Congress, not the Executive Branch.

This is one of the big reasons why evangelical Christians voted for Trump, despite his personal moral failings. Christians saw Trump as the last line of defense for religious liberty, especially considering that Hillary Clinton was openly hostile to religious liberty. Christians who held their noses and voted for Trump did so in the hope that he would keep his promises and reverse repressive policies like the ObamaCare mandate.

That gamble paid off last week.

Hugh Hefner’s life and death: No room for envy

Hugh Hefner was a man who, by earthly standards, had everything he ever could have wanted. He had an abundance of extremely large-breasted women young enough to be his daughters (even eventually his granddaughters) who would have sex with him whenever he wanted. He was incredibly rich. He was famous and admired all over the world. There was nothing he lacked. But one of my friends on Facebook reminded me of Psalm 73. Here are verses 2 and 3:

But as for me, my feet were almost gone; my steps had well nigh slipped. For I was envious at the foolish, when I saw the prosperity of the wicked.

This goes on for a while, until verses 17 and 18:

Until I went into the sanctuary of God; then understood I their end. Surely thou didst set them in slippery places: thou castedst them down into destruction.

Hefner has no more wealth. He cannot hear the fame and admiration. There are no more women with huge breasts to have sex with him. His body is rotting away, and now he has to face the judgment of Almighty God. None of the wealth and fame he gathered matters to him now, and his harem has moved on. Hefner is the man that Jesus spoke of in Luke 12:20 “But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided?”

For Christians, the lesson is obvious: We are not to envy the wicked, no matter how successful they may be. We are to love and serve God, and to love and serve our neighbors, our church and our family. This earth is not our home. This earth is a place where we reside temporarily until our body dies and we move on to far greater riches than we could possibly imagine and something even better: Eternal harmony with God.

For unbelievers, the lesson is also clear: No matter what you do, no matter what you achieve, it can and will vanish. You will die and you will face God. You can spend your entire life building up your fame, building up your reputation and racking up an “impressive” list of sexual conquests. When you die, none of that matters. Unless you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and accept Him as your savior, you will spend an eternity suffering in horrible burning agony in the Lake of Fire. Choose life.

Yes, Indiana University is censoring the anti-KKK mural

When I was an undergraduate, I took a course on criminal investigations. In that class, one of the readings included a very brief description of a 14 year old boy who had endured horrific abuse. I was deeply offended, but it was more than that. I was consumed with a murderous rage. If I had the opportunity to do so, I would have murdered this young man’s abuser without mercy or remorse. That was just one of many offensive things in that class – things that should be offensive because they are evil.

What did I do? Did I complain to the administration that students should not be subjected to such triggering things? Did I drop the class? Did I demand to be allowed to study alternative material instead of the graphically violent things in the textbook? No. I went to class, did the readings and completed the course work. That is what an adult does when confronted with material he finds offensive: He goes forward instead of melting into a quivering mess. Indiana University would not have done me any favors had they exempted me from being exposed to the offensive material.

Snowflake students need to learn this: The reality of life is that you cannot avoid things that are offensive. Once you get out into the real world, there will be no university administration to protect your fragile feeeeeeeeeeelings and there will be no Diversity Police to sanction those who dare say something that is not politically correct. This is something I have been saying for a quarter century, but the snowflake culture is worse now than it has ever been.

Last month, Indiana University chose to censor the anti-KKK mural in Woodburn Hall. Yes, the decision to not hold classes is absolutely censorship. Hundreds upon hundreds of students that would have been exposed to the anti-KKK mural and Thomas Hart Benton’s message of racial unity will not see the mural. They will not be confronted with a shameful chapter in Indiana history and they will not be educated on the history of the mural. This is an insult to Benton, an insult to the free exchange of ideas and an insult to the victims of the KKK.

When I was in Washington DC, I visited the Holocaust museum. Holocaust survivors and others (especially those of Jewish ancestry) have done a lot of work so that we never forget the genocide committed by Nazi Germany. The message is simple: Never again. If we are allowed to forget about the horror of the Holocaust, society’s determination to hold to “never again” will be weakened. The same is true with the KKK. The snowflakes who are “offended” by an image of the KKK that is a small part of an anti-KKK mural are doing the work of the KKK.

The university’s response should not be to stop using Woodburn 100 as classroom space. The university’s response should be this: “Grow up. You are here to learn, and education often involves uncomfortable and offensive things. If you cannot handle being exposed to ideas and historical facts that offend you, then you are clearly not mature enough to be a student at a university. Learn to deal with or or pack your things and go home.”

President Trump needs to be more disciplined

Note: I sent this open letter to President Donald Trump last week.

Mr. President,

I am writing you as someone who supports your agenda to Make America Great Again to please tone down your rhetoric and to be more disciplined on Twitter. Your tweet threatening the leadership of North Korea was a dangerous provocation and the nuclear-armed nation is publicly claiming it was a declaration of war.

The leader of North Korea is a brutal mass murderer who has no problems brutally slaughtering his own family and may be mentally unhinged. He clearly does not care about his own people and would not hesitate to sacrifice millions of lives if he felt that was necessary to preserve his power.

I am not worried about North Korea hitting the continental United States. I wish your critics would take a deep breath and calm down before predicting American cities will be destroyed by North Korean nukes. That said, unnecessary war with North Korea would be incredibly destructive in lives lost, property destroyed and economic calamity. Our allies in Japan and South Korea are especially vulnerable to North Korean aggression.

Obviously, we have to show strength and make it clear that there are lines. That is best done through measured, vetted diplomatic statements and not through a hasty 140 character post on social media. I appreciate that you are showing strength, but there is a difference between showing strength and exhibiting reckless behavior.

Mr. Trump, you are the President of these United States. With that office and incredible power should come a sobering responsibility to be measured, disciplined and thoughtful in your words and actions. Sadly, you have been none of those things far too often. If you cannot act more diplomatically and control your impulsive behavior, then it is time for you to close your Twitter account, because it is clear you cannot use it responsibly.