On the 45th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

This is the speech I wrote for the 2018 Rally for Life.

Welcome and thank you for coming to the 2018 Rally for Life. Tomorrow will be 45 years since the Supreme Court created a so-called “right” to abortion, a ruling which has led to the senseless slaughter of 60 million unborn babies.

In Proverbs 6, we learn that God hates hands that shed innocent blood, and this warning was necessary. Ancient Israel adopted the pagan practice of child sacrifice. They would literally burn their babies alive to sacrifice them to the demon Molech. In the book of Jeremiah chapter 19, God reacts to this horror by saying it is so evil that it never even entered into His mind that they would do this. Can you imagine a more intense rebuke?

In today’s culture, we are far worse. We murder over one million babies every year. We murder several hundred babies a year just down the street at Planned Parenthood. At least the people who sacrificed their children to Molech were honest about what they were doing. We refer to abortion as “health care” and “reproductive choice.” We refer to a baby made in the image of God as the “products of conception.”

Let me throw some numbers your way. In the state of Indiana, the total number of abortions dropped by 8% between 2015 and 2016 thanks in large part to the pro-life leadership of our state. Thank you Mike Pence and our legislators. But that is not the whole story. Here in Monroe County, the numbers are very bleak.

There were 718 abortions in Monroe County in 2014.

There were 822 abortions in Monroe County in 2015, a 14% increase over 2014

There were 1016 abortions in Monroe County in 2016, a 23% increase over 2015

While the bloodlust of that wicked Planned Parenthood abortion mill down the street is growing, we keep hearing that Planned Parenthood’s work results in fewer abortions. We know this is a lie and has always been a lie.

Even worse, our local government takes your tax dollars and doles out corporate welfare to Planned Parenthood every single year. The Bloomington City Council has given corporate welfare to Planned Parenthood every year since 1999, and the Monroe County Council has given corporate welfare to Planned Parenthood every year since 2009. This is your local government.

I urge every one of you here to send letters and e-mails to the city and county council members this summer when they start considering the social services funding. If you could attend the council meetings and speak against this corporate welfare when the councils vote, that would be even better!

Christian Citizens For Life defends life from conception to natural death, and lives are in danger at the other end as well. Our state representative Matt Pierce has filed legislation to allow doctors to murder their patients. We should be very clear here. If I hand you a gun and you shoot yourself, I am a murderer. There is no difference. We should not further corrupt the medical establishment by allowing this abomination.

Do not be depressed. God granted all authority on Heaven and Earth to Jesus Christ. We must pray that God will deliver us from this bloodshed. God provides an escape for those who have murdered an unborn child or an elderly relative. God even provides redemption for those of us who commit murder in our hearts while we our driving with our anger against other drivers. The shed blood of Jesus Christ is that redemption. Repent of your sins and believe, and you will be saved.

That is the real message of this rally: Run to the cross and ask God to save you from your sins. No matter what you have done, if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Praise His holy name!

“Death with dignity” is also known as murder

If I hand you a loaded gun, knowing you want to die, and you blow your brains out, I am guilty of murder. Let’s not pretend that “death with dignity” is anything other than murder. That is why the Pro-Life movement opposes euthanasia as well as abortion.

This is why it is so abominable that State Rep. Matt Pierce is seeking to further corrupt the medical profession by making it legal for doctors to murder their patients. Let’s be clear here: That is exactly what this is. A doctor who prescribes a lethal drug so the patient can kill himself is every bit as guilt of murder as if he administered the drug himself or shot the patient in the head at point blank range.

It sounds loving and compassionate to help people be free from pain. No one wants to suffer and no one wants a loved one to suffer. Certainly, no terminally ill person should ever be obligated to take treatments to add a few weeks or months to their life when it will cause them immense pain and suffering. They should have the right to refuse treatment and instead accept palliative care to reduce their suffering as much as possible while they are dying. But there is a world of moral difference between refusing life-extending treatments and knowingly and intentionally killing a man or woman made in the image of Almighty God.

If someone wants to kill himself, he will find a way to do it. What we should not do is further corrupt the medical profession by turning doctors from healing the sick and comforting the suffering to actively, intentionally murdering people. The medical profession has already been corrupted worldwide, as we have seen in the cases of Jahi McMath, Charlie Gard and Terri Schiavo. Allowing “assisted suicide” (legalized murder) will only make it worse. As we fight against the merciless slaughter of over a million unborn babies a year, let’s not forget about the terminally ill. Their lives are also precious and must be protected.

The “morality” of man vs. the morality of God

If you want to know why Donald Trump is the President of these United States, look no further than this: A certain celebrity actress and singer is being blasted by feminists for her vegan diet. Yes: She is being blasted by feminists for embracing a Leftist cause. This kind of insane politically correct nonsense is what many Trump voters rebelled against in 2016.

It also underscores a critical lesson about morality: God’s moral standards are infinitely superior to man’s moral standards. The biggest reason for this is that God’s moral standards as seen in the Bible are eternal and unchanging. Man’s moral standards morph and change based on feelings and whims. No matter what someone does, there will always be some Leftist somewhere who is offended and claims it promotes discrimination, or something.

It used to be that Leftists (especially environmentalists) loved veganism. It was a “cruelty free” diet that not only avoided directly causing the death of an animal to consume its flesh, but did not “oppress” animals by taking their milk. It was the height of “woke” progressiveness to embrace a “cruelty free” lifestyle… until about five minutes ago. Now it promotes imperialism and discrimination. But do not worry! In another five minutes it will be moral again. We cannot promise anything five minutes after that.

And thus we see the problem: Nobody knows what is right or wrong. In five minutes, something that is loving and wonderful right now will not only be bad, it will be retroactively bad. Contrast this with the Word of God, which sets forth the standard of morality for all time. Those who want to obey God have no difficulty knowing exactly what the standard is. With man’s morality, we cannot obey constantly shifting standards. With God’s morality, we at least know what the standard is, and that it will never change. God will not praise us today and damn us tomorrow for doing the exact same thing.

But what about all of those Christian sinners, you might say. The fact that people fail to uphold a standard does not mean the standard is bad. Think of it like speed limits: Most people break the limits and drive faster than the posted speed. But does that mean we should have no limits, so people are permitted to drive 100 miles per hour through a suburban neighborhood? Do I really need to answer that rhetorical question?

Of course, even though the standard is clear, we cannot hold to God’s standard. We will fail, and we will sin. We cannot come into God’s presence because we all broke His law and we are unclean. But even then a loving God provides a way of escape: The shed blood of His only Son, spilled for our benefit. We are pardoned so that sin will not condemn, and then we are given the Holy Spirit to sanctify us so that sin will not rule. Eventually, we will be glorified so that sin will not be.

Yes, abortion kills a baby

As is usually the case, I was accused of “lying” in HeraldTimesOnline.com comments when I argued in my letter to the editor that abortion kills a baby. I could easily defend myself against this charge, but the Herald-Times does not believe in journalism. The so-called “newspaper” is engaged in a cover-up about the reality of abortion, openly censoring any attempt to expose the truth and then shamelessly lying about their alleged “comment guidelines.”

In any case, we all know that abortion kills a baby, because there is photographic evidence.

With that out of the way, let me address something else:

“By the way the Bible says nothing NOTHING about abortion being bad or forbidden.”

No, that is not true. In fact, there is a prohibition against murder all throughout Scripture, most notably in the Ten Commandments but also before and after that. Again, we know what abortion is because we have seen the photographic evidence.

Furthermore, who do you trust to interpret Scripture: People who actually are Christians and submit to the Author of Scripture, or non-Christians who are actively opposed to the God who gave us the Bible through the Holy Spirit? Credibility matters. I will stand with the people I trust, instead of the people I do not.

Some will retort that we need laws, based on morality, to maintain social order. But American law is based on the morality of individual freedom and liberty.

Of course we need laws to maintain social order. That is why murder, theft, rape and fraud are illegal. All of those laws are based on morality, as are laws protecting the environment from rampant pollution. The entire purpose of having laws is to maintain social order. The debate is (and has always been) how many laws we should have, what should be allowed or prohibited, and how far the laws should reach.

Personally, I do not care what women do with their uteruses. I care about what happens to the baby inside of it, a human being made in the image of God. That is the issue, not what someone does with her sexuality.

But ultimately, it is true that criminalizing abortion restrains sexuality – male sexuality. A man who fathers a baby cannot live the live he lived before fatherhood. He now must provide and care for the child’s mother and the baby. He has to sacrifice and be responsible. In short, he has to grow up. This is why men generally support abortion rights, and why it is men who need to be on the front lines fighting against the slaughter of the innocent – because men are the reason those babies are dying.

Throwing cold water on “Oprah 2020”

Prediction: Oprah Winfrey is not going to run for President.

Winfrey has spent decades making herself a beloved figure in the media, and even many on the Right express a lot of admiration for her even as her partisan affiliation has been more direct. But the reality is that the minute you run for President you automatically become a polarizing figure, and Winfrey will be no exception to this rule. Her Leftist views and kooky conspiracy theories (especially playing to anti-vaxxers) will bring attacks hard and fast. In fact, that has already happened across conservative media.

I do not believe Winfrey has any appetite for becoming a polarizing figure, despised by half of the country. That will happen if she runs, and for the last several decades she has been comfortable with being generally loved or at least admired. The inevitability of being hated by half the country is not a slam on Winfrey: That happens to every major party candidate for President, win or lose. I cannot imagine her wanting that.

The scorn heaped on her over the last week since the “Oprah 2020” speculation started is a tiny taste of what she will get if she actually runs for President. The prospect of being a historic President (second black and first woman) would fade in comparison to the partisan rancor that will come. Winfrey is not Hillary Clinton, who has endured brutal political attacks for decades. She will quickly determine that this is not for her and drop out well before the 2020 primary season starts in the summer of 2019.

No, Trump is not too mentally unstable to be President

OK, folks, let’s chill out about Donald Trump’s mental stability and fitness to be President. That was already decided when he won the 2016 election, and (apart from his outbursts on Twitter) he has been a stable President with solid conservative policy and a good team around him.

Now, let’s be clear. Trump is a very mercurial personality. He is a narcissist who has a need to be the center of attention at all times. He is way too thin-skinned, as we saw when he overreacted to mild criticism from Megyn Kelly and then was such a pathetic coward that he would not attend a debate she moderated. He is far too prone to post childish memes on Twitter, which is not just unpresidential but unprofessional. We would not tolerate this from the head of any major corporation.

But while being a childish, thin-skinned narcissist are bad character traits, they are not evidence of insanity or mental instability. Trump is not as bright as he claims to be but he is not stupid by any means. He leveraged his brand into being an international celebrity and won a Presidential race that he frankly should have had no hope of winning and would not have won had the Democrats not chosen a completely toxic nominee.

The reason people do not understand Trump is because we have not seen anything like this before – at least not at the level of the President. Trump has the tendency to cut a boastful pro wrestling heel promo. It is not that he even believes what he is saying, but he is not necessarily lying. The key is to take him seriously, but not to take every single word he says literally. Freaking out every single day about Trump venting frustration on Twitter or stroking his own ego in a speech is not good for your own mental health or your stomach lining. It is best to focus on policy and the way the administration is being managed.

As usual, the cover-up is worse than the crime

Sexual sin happens. Some men are sexual predators, and will exploit and abuse those under their care. Sadly, some of these men will be Christian pastors, elders, deacons and youth group leaders, because we are all corrupted by sin. This is why the true test of a Christian church is not whether these sins happen in a congregation, but how the church leadership responds to the sin. Does the church hold the perpetrator accountable? Does the church protect the victim? Or do they abandon the gospel of Jesus Christ by doing neither of those things?

Here is what we know. An assistant pastor at Woodlands Parkway Baptist Church in Texas (now known as Stonebridge Church) had a 17 year old high school senior perform a sex act on him and then groped her breasts. Obviously, this is very bad – exploiting a position of trust an authority is reprehensible.The alleged reaction of the “church” leadership was even worse. The victim claims the “church” covered it up and sent the perpetrator away. This is exactly opposite of what a Christian church should do.

As I said, sexual sin will always happen. Sexual crimes will always happen. The church is to be a place where perpetrators are held accountable and victims are supported and protected. To fail to do this is one of the worst things a church can do. Any church that fails to do this is not a “church” at all. They embrace “cheap grace” that does not require repentance, and they do not bring crimes to the civil magistrate that God has placed in authority over us for our benefit. They embrace “forgiveness” too easily, leaving more innocents vulnerable. This is why sexual predators target churches, because Christians can be really stupid.

But the cover-up actually gets worse. Highpoint Church admitted they knew about the abusive sexual exploitation when they hired Andy Savage as a pastor. First, such a thing should automatically disqualify someone from serving as a pastor, so the “church” is obviously run by fools. Did the “church” notify the congregation publicly? Did the “church” have Savage publicly confess his crime and submit to the civil magistrate? Or did the “church” betray its congregation by leaving them in the dark about a “pastor” who admitted to church leadership to sexually exploiting an underage teen girl under his authority?

This whole episode has brought shame on the name of Jesus Christ. It has caused unbelievers to mock and blaspheme, and it has shaken the faith of many Christians. It will cause some to fall away from the faith. A young woman has been permanently damaged and souls have been permanently scarred. Our prayer should be that this is an example to real churches about how to deal with sexual sin and sexual crimes in the church, and how important it is to hold perpetrators accountable – including going to the civil magistrate if necessary.