A reasonable transportation plan

Whether our city leaders want to admit it or not, and whether they like it or not, the automobile is the primary means of transportation for Bloomington and will be for the foreseeable future.We can encourage alternative transportation, but that is not going to change.

And let’s be clear. Bloomington city government can do precisely nothing about climate change or peak oil. We can encourage alternative means of transport all we want, but what Bloomington does will not matter at all. Even if every single person in Bloomington decided to bike, walk or use public transit, the lack of greenhouse gas emissions will not matter at all. (The infrastructure is simply not there for that, of course.) This is just virtue signaling by people who want to appeal to liberal voters.

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In defense of nationalism

When you type “nationalism definition” into Google, you get the following answer:

Identification with one’s own nation and support for its interests, especially to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations.

So what exactly is wrong with this? Well, nothing, really.

Obviously all nations seek to protect and advance their own interests: Secure borders, protection from enemies, economic growth, and beneficial relationships with other nations. In that very basic sense, every single member of Congress, every single Senator and the President should all be nationalists. In that way, being a nationalist is no different from being a patriot.

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No one really believes in “equal pay”

Should Bill Wennington have been paid the same amount of money as Michael Jordan in the Chicago Bulls’ 1995-1996 season, where the Bulls won 72 of 82 games and the NBA championship? Obviously, the answer is no. Jordan was critical to the success of the Bulls, while Wennington was not. That Wennington made 1/3 of what Jordan made was not discrimination, nor was it unfair.

So why can’t we apply a similar standard to women’s soccer, and the chants for “equal pay” that have been prevalent as the U.S. team went to the championship?

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A bad decision that erases historical facts

I have been very critical of efforts to censor, destroy, remove or otherwise hide the mural by Thomas Hart Benton in Indiana University’s Woodburn Hall. There is a stronger case for removing the swastika tiles in the Intramural center, because the tiles are not as historically significant as the mural. There is also more opportunity to educate students taking a class in Woodburn than students going into the Intramural Center to work out. (Classes are no longer held in that room.)

Still, this represents yet another disturbing example of Leftists erasing history to assuage hurt feelings. The swastika tiles are not Nazi symbols. They were installed to represent various cultures, and they were installed before the Nazi Party came to power. The purpose and history of the tiles can be explained with plaques, handouts, e-mails and web videos, so students can put them in the proper context. And let’s be clear: No serious person actually believes that Indiana University ever openly endorsed Nazi ideology.

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A nation divided against itself cannot stand

Donald Trump got the fourth most votes of any candidate for President in U.S. history – more than any other Republican and more than any Democrat other than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Does this mean that the United States has suddenly embraced white nationalism? Does this mean that 63 million people hate and want to torment immigrants? Think about what you are saying not only about your fellow Americans, but your entire country, when you say that the fourth highest vote-getter in American history is a uniquely horrible person who only moral degenerates would support.

This brings me to a tweet and a newsletter that made the rounds on social media a couple weeks ago. Upon seeing a friend from high school wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, the author cut her out of his life. She chose the hat over her friend, he wrote. Well, no, she did not choose the hat over her friend. A radical Leftist chose his hatred for his political enemies over a years-long friendship.

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Do you need to go to college?

It has long been accepted in American culture that the best way to get ahead is to go to college. But is that true? Not for everyone. And while it is true for some, it is not true right away. Maybe we need to think about this whole conversation.

The question high school students should ask themselves is this: Do you have a plan for the next four years, and how it will translate into the next few decades after that? Is it wise to start racking up tens of thousands of dollars in debt for an exploratory major? Would it be better to focus on getting an associate’s degree at a community college and then transferring? Would it be better to work for a few years, live beneath your means and build up some savings first? College will still be there in five years.

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Politics as war and enmity

Some conservatives argue we should see “politics as war and enmity.” Are they right?

No, they are not.

Yes, they are.

That seems contradictory, but that is the correct approach. We should see politics as war and enmity, and we should not see politics as war and enmity. The key is context, which is something that some conservatives do not understand. Context is everything, and we must see political conflict in its proper context. The context is the behavior and motivations of our political opponents.

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Actions vs. Words

Suggesting that the “rhetoric” about border detention is responsible for a terrorist attack is dangerous, and people who oppose abortion should absolutely not use such tactics.

That could easily be turned against us, and has many times.

Violence is violence. Words are not violence.

David French’s lack of humility and grace

I have often defended David French from unfair attacks by Donald Trump’s supporters, but I was deeply disappointed by his broadside on fellow Christians in Time. His lack of humility and grace is definitely not in keeping with the example presented by the Lord Jesus Christ.

To be perfectly fair, French is correct that some Christians support Trump out of fear. I have been appalled at the cult-like loyalty that some self-proclaimed Christians have displayed for Trump.

But my support for Trump is not because I am terrified of any of the Democrats. Trump has been strong on opposing abortion, supporting religious liberty, and repealing economically harmful regulations put in place by Barack Obama. Trump signed a significant tax cut, and has been a strong friend of Israel. On policy, he has been very good, though I wish he would behave professionally in office.

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