Clarifying “bipartisanship is a fraud and a hoax”

In my recent letter to the editor in the Indianapolis Star, I said that “bipartisanship is a fraud and a hoax, and Republicans must reject it.” That is true… and I should clarify what I mean by that.

Of course there are areas where we can and should have bipartisan cooperation. The thing that comes to my mind first is criminal justice reform, where liberal Democrats and libertarian-leaning Republicans can cooperate ad have cooperated on legislation to make our laws less harsh and more effective. When Republicans and Democrats can work together on policy to get an outcome that both sides find positive, then that is a good thing and should be pursued.

What I vehemently oppose is bipartisanship for the sake of bipartisanship. Appeasing our political enemies for its own sake has never worked, does not work and will never work. What Republicans need to recognize is that those determined to hate us will always find some reason to viciously attack us. If there is not a legitimate reason for that attack, they will invent one out of whole cloth – even if that reason is the total opposite of what Republicans are actually doing and saying.

Take the Republican platform on strong families. As I explained, the platform is 100% inclusive and does not in any way oppose same-sex “marriage,” but that did not stop the homosexual mayor of South Bend from openly and flagrantly lying about it. The Republican establishment moved in a direction Democrats wanted to show they are “loving” and “tolerant” and all that jazz. Then for their efforts, the radical Left still lies about the Republican platform. You cannot appease people who hate you. They will still hate you, and you will alienate and antagonize your own base. It is stupid.

To sum up: Bipartisan cooperation to get a policy outcome is a good idea. Bipartisanship for its own sake – including abandoning your principles – is a stupid and counterproductive idea that will never work.

A Mary Sue villain

As a concept, I like the X-Men villain Apocalypse and the character has a cool design. But his powers are too undefined, especially for a mutant. (Mutants in Marvel tend to do one or two things.) Basically, he can do whatever the writers want him to be able to do at the moment. He is a Mary Sue villain.

Transparency is needed in township government

The primary reason I am running for a seat on the Perry Township Board is that township government operates almost entirely in the dark. The newspaper rarely covers township government unless there is a major scandal, and the public almost never attends their meetings. When you have a unit of government that is spending over one million dollars a year and has been under one-party control for decades, that is something that needs to change.

That starts with the township’s online presence. The last meeting minutes was February 16, 2017, though there have been many meetings since then. Unlike city and county government, there are no meeting agendas online for the township board. So if you are a citizen in Perry Township and you want to follow what your township government is doing, you cannot do that through the township board’s website.

In the age of social media, there is simply no excuse for this. Meeting agendas can easily be posted to Facebook, Twitter or other sites. There are many sites that will convert a PDF to an image file for free, to make viewing it even easier, especially on a mobile phone or tablet. A Facebook or Twitter feed can easily be updated to let the public know when and where a meeting will be, along with a scan of the agenda.

It is never good when a unit of government operates out of the public eye. If I am elected to the township board, all of this information will be online. If the township office itself will not do it, then I will do it myself. If you believe in transparency, vote for Scott Tibbs for Perry Township Board!

Wikipedia pranksters and Google searches

If you follow enough conservatives on Twitter, you’re probably seeing calls for Google to “stop the bias” because the search engine results include descriptions of Republicans as Nazis, references to “cocaine Mitch” and other things. This is one of those times when I just facepalm because these conservatives simply do not know what they are talking about.

It is silly to blame Google for this. The entries are not Google entries. They are Wikipedia entries. I went over this way back in 2010, but many people do not understand how Wikipedia works. Wikipedia is a crowd-sourced encyclopedia where anyone can register an account and edit articles. This allows a lot of information to be posted, and there are innumerable Wikis on various subjects all over the internet.You can find information on Wikipedia much more easily than anywhere else because of the large user base. But the reality is that the information is only as reliable as the person doing the editing.

The downside to Wikipedia’s model is that it is vulnerable to pranksters and trolls. When Google started including text boxes from Wikipedia in search results, pranksters and trolls knew they could vandalize Wikipedia pages to get negative propaganda on basic Google searches. That is where you get the “Google search results” describing Republicans as Nazis and other things. (Of course, there are pranksters and trolls on the Right as well.) The problem is not Google itself but the structural vulnerability of Wikipedia. The site’s biggest strength is also its biggest weakness.

The obvious answer is for Google to stop using Wikipedia for info boxes, due to the vulnerability of Wikipedia’s site to vandalism. Either eliminate the info boxes or use a site with stricter editorial controls. Google knows about this problem, so there is no excuse not to fix it.

Civility begins with assuming good motives

A few years ago, when I objected to President Barack Obama ordering the assassination of an American citizen named Anwar al-Awlaki via a drone strike, a Leftist troll accused me of being a white supremacist who was siding with Islamic terrorists because the President was a black man. It was an absurd attack that was meant to avoid any serious discussion of civil rights, due process and the limits of government power by smearing me with the fraudulent allegation of “racism.”

So here is a thesis: We should generally assume that the people we argue with and against want the best for our country. They want our country to have liberty and economic security. We may violently disagree with their policies, and we may think that those policies will be ineffective at best and destructive at worst, but we should assume we have patriotism on both sides and a belief in the idea of America.

This is not a call to be naïve or to not practice discernment. We should not do that. There are legitimately bad actors in politics at the local, state and national level. Those people should be called out, and a general civility does not preclude us from calling out such people.

But generally, people want what is best for our nation. For example, I believe that abortion is a moral abomination, but those who favor abortion rights do not take glee in the death of unborn babies. They are worried about government intrusion in people’s lives. Those who support “card check” support a bad policy that I believe is harmful, but they want unions to be strong to advocate for employee rights. Those who support government spending I find wasteful do not want to spend our nation into bankruptcy. They want to help people with programs they find useful. Those who support a liberalized immigration policy do not want MS-13 terrorizing our neighborhoods. They want to offer the promise of America to more people.

I could go on with many more examples, but you get my point. I can disagree with open borders advocates, union representatives, abortion rights supporters and even socialists without thinking they are all evil people who are trying to destroy our nation. Meanwhile, those who disagree with me on policy can think I am wrong without thinking I hate immigrants, I want to oppress and enslave women, or that I am a greedy person who does not want to help those in need.

Furthermore, it should be obvious that we can disagree with various uncivil actions (such as harassing people at home or in public) and call for more civil behavior without getting into a childish game of whataboutism. “He did it tooooooooooooooooooooo!!” is not an argument, it is an attempt to avoid accountability. At the same time, we should call out uncivil behavior on our own side.

Most importantly, we should model civility in our own behavior and rhetoric. I have often failed in this regard, too willing to directly attack the person when I should instead make an ideological argument. Again, this is not to say that no attacks are justified or that there are not legitimately bad people. Obviously there are bad people. But I need to do better, especially in modeling behavior to my sons.

No corporate welfare for child abuse enablers

The central purpose of government is to protect the weak from being exploited by the wicked. The Apostle Paul tells us in Romans 13 that God has given the sword to the government to punish the evil. How perverse is it, then, when government not only does not punish evil, but actually supports and gives tax money to people who help sexual predators cover up their crimes?

I was surprised when Planned Parenthood did not apply for a handout from the Bloomington City Council’s social services fund, until I learned that Planned Parenthood has not been reporting abortions performed on girls under the age of consent, as required by Indiana law. They must not have wanted to deal with that process just before the scandal broke, I thought. Whatever Planned Parenthood’s reasoning was, that was not it.

Immediately after Indiana Right to Life held press conferences all over the state to draw attention to the fact that PP had not fulfilled their obligations under the law to protect victims of sexual abuse, Planned Parenthood applied for a handout of property tax dollars from the Monroe County Council. The audacity of asking for money to be confiscated from taxpayers and given to them is almost unbelievable.

As abominable as it is that baby-murder is “legal” at all, mandating that abortions done on girls under the age of consent is a good law. We have age of consent laws to protect vulnerable girls from being sexually exploited by older teens or adult men. A pregnancy in a girl under the age of consent means that a crime may have occurred, and if the girl is under 14 (one of the girls who had an abortion was 12) then any sexual contact with her is felony child abuse.

Of course, it should not be a surprise that Planned Parenthood is violating state reporting requirements. It was a decade ago that the Bloomington Planned Parenthood was caught on video trying to cover up the felony sexual abuse of a 13 year old girl by a 31 year old man in a sting operation by Live Action Films.

All authority of the civil magistrate derives from Almighty God, so when government officials abandon their responsibility to protect God’s children by giving money forcibly confiscated from taxpayers to an organization that covers up crimes by sexual predators, it is a particularly loathsome abomination.

Moreover thou hast taken thy sons and thy daughters, whom thou hast borne unto Me, and these hast thou sacrificed unto them to be devoured. Is this of thy whoredoms a small matter, That thou hast slain My children, and delivered them to cause them to pass through the fire for them? — Ezekiel 16:20-21

This is how you got Trump

Sarah Huckabee Sanders walks into a restaurant. Yes, this is the beginning of a joke, but the joke is one deranged, hate-filled Leftists who cannot handle even the existence of someone who disagrees with them. The very same people who are dumbfounded that anyone would support Donald Trump are not only continuing but are determined to ramp up the very culture war that caused so many to embrace Trump to begin with. Yes, take the very thing that voters hate about you and double down on it. Truly this will result in victory!

Think about this compared to the wholly manufactured outrage against Memories Pizza in Indiana. Memories had never discriminated against a single homosexual customer, but the entire Left flooded them with vile, obscene rants after the owner said she would not want to cater a same-sex wedding. What everyone overlooked the fact that Memories Pizza does not cater weddings at all. It is impossible to discriminate in a service you do not provide. I do not juggle at same-sex weddings, so am I discriminating? Well, I do not juggle at any weddings. I am completely incapable of juggling at all. Maybe I should be forced to learn how to juggle.

So, to sum it up. Actual discrimination by Leftists good. Theoretical discrimination by Christians evil.

At least Sanders was not physically attacked, as Tomi Lahren and Kat Timpf were. Leftist radicals physically assaulted Timpf and Lahren, dousing the young women with water because of their political views.

A few Leftists are politically astute enough to know this is not a winning issue outside of the hard-line Democratic Party base are whining that Sanders “broke the law” with her post on Twitter about the Red Hen. This is hysterical nonsense. No government force was used or threatened against the Red Hen. There was no abuse of power. This technically is not even a state resource, because Twitter is a private company. Sanders expressed disappointment at the way she was treated.

For those celebrating the discrimination against Sanders, do you really want to live in a world where this happens on a regular basis? The Never ending escalation of the culture war hurts everyone and will boomerang back on you. How about we just behave with civility and not refuse to have anything to do with people who disagree with us politically? Will you be cheering when the tables are turned, or will you complain?

Guys, this is not working. The constant hate and increasingly deranged rhetoric is not helping you. It is turning off even many on your own side, and it is motivating the Right. The mid-term elections are almost never good for the party in power, and Democrats have squandered their sizable lead in the generic ballot polls in large part due to the lunacy of Trump haters. This is how Trump will be re-elected.

Sexual deviants always demand approval, never “tolerance”

I have said this before, and it deserves to be repeated: Sexual deviants have absolutely no interest in “tolerance.” They demand acceptance for their behavior, which is why they evangelize for it. They will let everyone know what they do in the bedroom and justify why it is healthy, good and pure. If someone objects, they will be demonized as the worst kind of authoritarian bigot, forcing his personal beliefs on everyone.

With that in mind, we know exactly why this depraved article was written. A woman and her husband had no loyalty or commitment to each other, so they were openly cheating on each other. The purpose of that article is to take something everyone knows is shameful (especially the people involved in it) and try to eviscerate shame from the sin. They think if society approves, maybe their guilt would go away.

The worst thing about this horrible situation is that the married couple have children. They explained their perversion to their four year old child by saying it is possible to “love” more than one person at a time. The idea that one would equate adultery – including bringing in a live-in boyfriend to live with the woman and her literal cuck husband – with love for a parent is absolutely horrifying.

This is how you psychologically mess up a child for the rest of his life. This is also how you normalize sexual perversion, making children more vulnerable to sexual molestation. If we lived in a sane world, the “parents” would have their children forcibly be removed from the home and lose their parental rights.

As usual, the blame goes not to the pagan society that normalizes sexually deviant behavior, but to the church. Had the church not abandoned Biblical teaching on sexual purity before marriage and the Bible’s clear teaching on divorce (among other things) we would not be where we are today in open promotion of sexual depravity. It will get worse, as sexual abuse of children will be normalized soon.

As always, reformation must begin with the church. Pastors and elders must be faithful to preach and teach Biblical doctrine on sexuality, discipline sexual sin inside the church, and promote God’s beautiful design for sex. Christian church members must support and defend their pastors and elders as they do this difficult work, and pray for the Holy Spirit to send a revival. Until we reform the church, society has no hope.

There is only one path to salvation

If there is any other path to salvation other than faith in Jesus Christ, then God is evil. He sacrificed His Son for nothing. If God would require His Son to go to the cross when there was another way to redeem the world from sin, then this is not a God we should worship. (See Matthew 26:39.)

Of course, this is not the character of the only true God. All of history centers on Jesus’ death on the cross, the perfect sinless Lamb who died to satisfy God’s wrath for the sins we committed against Him. Our Father in Heaven would never be so cruel as to sacrifice His Son if there was any other way. In fact, God confirms in His holy Word that there is only one path to salvation:

♣ – Jesus saith unto him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” – John 14:6

♣ – Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. – Acts 4:12

The reason Christians must not compromise here is because we are to love the souls of our neighbors. When we lie about the central doctrine of our faith in order to avoid charges of “bigotry” or to avoid offending people, we are actually doing the most hateful thing imaginable: We are assuring people of safety when we know they are on their way to eternal damnation. How is it “loving” to assuage someone’s feelings here on earth while condemning their eternal soul to everlasting damnation in Hell Fire?

Christians, we must not do this. We must speak the truth even when it is not Politically Correct.