Wisdom from President Reagan

“Government does not tax to get the money it needs. Government always needs the money it gets. Now your son can be extravagant with his allowance and you can lecture him day after day about saving money and not being extravagant or you can solve the problem by cutting his allowance.” — Ronald Reagan

I am proud to be a bigot!

I am an unapologetic speciesist. I am proud to be a bigot. Genesis 1:28 teaches us that man was made in God’s image and given dominion over nature. As a Christian, I embrace the bigotry of the Lord Jesus Christ, who said that man is much better than sparrows in Luke 12:24. What prompted my proud declaration of my bigotry was a Hollywood actor who railed against “speciesism” at the Oscars – a speech against a righteous bigotry that we should all embrace with our whole heart.

Here is the truth: You cannot raise animals up to the level of humans. Everyone instinctively knows this, which is why those who are not part of the “animal rights” cult know that killing an animal for food is perfectly fine bur murdering a human being is evil. God declares in Genesis 9:6 that those who commit murder must be executed, because man was made in God’s image. Mankind is a special creation, designed to commune with and worship the Creator.

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Video Game Memories: Super Mario Bros. 3

We just passed the thirtieth anniversary of Super Mario Bros. 3 being released in North America. The first thought I have is how amazing it is that it has been thirty years. I was a sophomore in high school at the time. This means I am really close to the thirty year anniversary of me graduating high school. Now will you please get off my lawn!

On to memories of the game itself. This is a game that could have really benefited from a save feature. It was a long game, with eight large worlds. The Super Nintendo re-release did have a save-game feature, which allowed you to play through every world without spending hours and hours in front of the TV to beat the game in one sitting. I never did do that on the NES, but did eventually do it when I got Super Mario All-Stars. I used the warp whistle to go to World 5, got some P Wings for the airship levels, and then went to World 8 to take down Bowser. There was a significant variation in the worlds, which was neat.

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Who are Democrats really against normalizing?

We have heard a lot from some Democrats about why they cannot “normalize” President Donald Trump, because he is apparently so much of a radical departure from political norms. We must never allow someone like Trump to rise again, they say. But this is not really about “normalizing” Trump. This is about shrinking the Overton Window to exclude Trump voters – 63 million people.

How do we know this? Because we have heard over and over how Trump supporters will be “judged by history” with some more radical Leftists ominously warning about a “reckoning” once Trump leaves office. Trump supporters are mocked as clueless white trash. This is why people applaud when Trump tweets out a meme saying “they’re after you, I’m just in the way.”

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Beagle memories

One year ago today, Tera the Beagle had a stroke and passed away. We had her for thirteen and a half years.

When we first brought her home from the animal shelter on July 8, 2005, she was 20 pounds and underweight. (She was a year and a half old at the time.) The veterinarian gave us tips on how to help her get some more calories, which worked a little too well. One year later, she was 35 pounds and a little fat dog. Then she had to go on a diet.

I am not sure what her history was, but she would howl the entire time she was in the car. She would jump in without any problems, but when we started moving she flipped out. She also had severe separation anxiety that did not improve until the last few months of her life when she was 15 and elderly.

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A tribute to Rush Limbaugh

Back in 1992, I was a Democrat – socially conservative and fiscally moderate. I supported Bill Clinton and was very happy when he won. I became more conservative over time, and I switched parties. A large part of that was watching Rush Limbaugh’s television show, and eventually listening to his radio show.

My life has changed in a lot of ways since then, but one thing I discovered in 1996 was that I loved to write. That would go from writing opinion columns to eventually setting up a blog. Through all of that, Limbaugh has been one of my biggest inspirations. There are others, of course, but Limbaugh was instrumental in helping me learn to articulate what I believe and filter the news through those beliefs. If there was no Rush Limbaugh, there would probably be no ConservaTibbs blog.

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Patronage is the real reason for a “climate tax”

Printed in the Herald-Times, February 15, 2020

To the Editor:

Why exactly does the city of Bloomington “need” to hike the local income tax to create a Patronage Department in city government? Oops, I just answered my own question! This is just more unnecessary big government.

No, this is not “climate change denial.” If we are to truly address carbon emissions and other air pollution, it will have to be a global effort that takes seriously large polluters like China and India. But even if we only focus on our own nation, what can one small city in the Midwest do? A “climate department” in city government could not shift global temperatures by one billionth of one percent of one degree.

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Crowded primaries and a dedicated base

Re-posted from Facebook:

Democrats have the same situation with Bernie Sanders that Republicans faced in 2016 with Donald Trump. The field is far too crowded, so Sanders’ base will win him primaries with 25% to 30%.

The only way to stop Sanders is for multiple candidates to drop out, leaving only one or two candidates to take on Sanders. In a two person race or a three person race, Sanders can be defeated.

Splitting the non-Sanders voters among eight or ten candidates is a sure path to a Sanders nomination.

Mittens votes to convict

I am not terribly surprised that Mittens Romney voted to convict President Trump and remove him from office. His reasons for doing so are short-sighted, and he does not understand political reality.

From the moment Romney came to Washington as a Senator (having been endorsed by Trump in 2018) he wanted to establish himself as the “conscience” of the Republican Party, which is why he wrote an editorial in the Washington Post about Trump’s bad character. Romney wants to be what John McCain was, getting praise and attention from the mainstream media. This vote was also about establishing a legacy.

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Monroe County Republican Primary 2020 candidate list

The race for delegate to the Indiana Republican Party state convention is going to be tough, with multiple big names running countywide. There are only four spots available at-large. I have not lost a delegate race since 2008, and hopefully I will keep that streak alive. I was elected as a delegate in 2010, 2012, 2016, and 2018.

I did not run in 2014 due to having a newborn baby, and I knew that I would not be able to make it to the convention in Fort Wayne.

Following is a list of everyone running in the Republican Party primary in Monroe County in 2020, via an electronic mail the Monroe County Clerk’s office sent the last day of filing:

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