Um, apathy? What apathy?

Remember when I said I had hit a post election apathy? I just did not have anything I was interested in writing about.

Well, that is gone now. I scheduled the post about apathy on Friday, and then several topics hit my mind and sparked my interest. I have written four long posts in the last few days. All four of posts (plus my letter to the editor) are already scheduled to hit the blog in two weeks, and social media posts have been scheduled to advertise those blog posts.

I am still not going to actually post them until the week of November 26, after Thanksgiving is over. I will resume my normal blogging schedule then.

Trump clowns himself on Twitter again

Um, what in the world? Yes, California has bad policies, but to withhold federal aid for partisan reasons is a moral abomination. People will die if necessary aid is withdrawn by a spiteful President. This is why President Trump needs to stop posting on Twitter. This is an embarrassment.

Triggered by a MAGA hat?

Donald Trump is a polarizing figure, and his pugilistic nature does not help on that score. But if Leftists think they are going to change any minds or win any votes with hysterical arguments about how Trump is a Hitler-like figure, they are deceiving themselves. That may get a few cries of “right on!” from like-minded people, but it will not move moderates to your side and it most certainly will not convert any Trump supporters.

This leads me to this post on Twitter, where a blue check verified user decided to publicly shame a man wearing a baseball cap in support of the President of these United States. A woman beside him claimed that the hat supports the “murder” and “evisceration” of black people, Jews and immigrants. She claimed people were “upset, angry, and scared” by the hat – as if he was wearing a swastika armband or something.

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Simple-minded arguments are obnoxious

I was recently attacked for criticizing police militarization – specifically the city of Bloomington’s failed attempt to acquire a Mine Resistant, Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle – because I am taking a position divergent from President Donald Trump. (Trump reversed Barack Obama’s restrictions on selling military equipment to police.) The idea that we cannot dissent on policy grounds from the Trump is dangerous and represents a cult mentality. I have opposed police militarization for many years now, years before Trump ever ran for President.

Making this a test of partisan loyalty is absurd. Plenty of Republicans have disagreed with the President of their own party on policy grounds for generations, and the same is true for Democrats. The fact that the Republican President holds a position does not mean that every single Republican must hold the same position. I opposed the Patriot Act from the beginning too, despite the fact that a Republican President signed it into law. Of course, Barack Obama renewed the Patriot Act after promising not to.

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Vote for accountability and transparency

Tomorrow is election day, and if you live in Perry Township I strongly urge you to get out and vote for me.

I am running for township board because township government spends over $1 million per year and many people do not even know what it does. Abiding by the bare minimum legal requirements is not good enough anymore. It is 2018, not 1985. All meeting agendas and meeting times should be online, and meeting minutes should also be online. I am running because I see some areas where I think things can be done better.

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An utterly ridiculous smear of Trump supporters

This is an utterly ridiculous smear of Trump supporters. What you need to understand is when these smears are posted, it only solidifies and intensifies support for Trump.

Here is the link to the post in Twitter. The text follows:


Dear Sir in the Pretty Red Hat,

My name is Merissa and I am sitting a few rows behind you. I am in Los Angeles because my family lives here. We are Jewish. We survived the Holocaust. My family members were murdered in gas chambers—all of them except the 5 that lived. So here I am, on a plane with you. As my father says, we were born with anguish.

I flew to Los Angeles because 11 Jews over 55 years old were shot + killed during prayer. After they were shot I couldn’t stop crying. I was afraid. I didn’t want to be alone.

Our president blamed Saturday’s killing spree on the synagogue. He said if they had an armed guard it would have been fine. Do you have an armed guard when you pray? God should be safe to convene with, right?

A lot of people were upset, angry, + scared on the plane when they saw your hat. For you, I want to assume it’s about politics, economics + the support of a charismatic man. I wonder if you mean to scare black people, Jews, + immigrants? To us your hat sanctions our death, our murder, our evisceration. Because your hat supports a man who does little to help us + so much to fuel hatred, violence + cruelty.

I love you. I hope your good America does not include flushing me + my people out.

We should not silently accept censorship by Big Tech

Now that Liberty Memes has been banned by Facebook, it is a good time to re-examine the issue of social media censorship and how we should react to it. I often disagreed with the content Liberty Memes posted, but they were mostly harmless. They would post jokes, and depending on your viewpoint you found it funny or not. They certainly did not deserve to have all of the content they have posted for years banished from the platform.

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