We should not pit virtues against each other

The fact that Donald Trump is a poor role model does not matter because his policies are good, says Dennis Prager. Politics is often a den of false choices, and this is another of those. Why can’t we hope for a President who has good policies and is a good role model? Why do we have to pit one virtue against another?

When Republicans say that personal character does not matter because we are getting good policy, we sound just like the Democrats did in 1998 – including one journalist who said she wanted to suck President Clinton’s dick to thank him for keeping abortion legal. As someone who went through the impeachment battles, it is dispiriting to see Republicans become the enemy we were fighting twenty years ago. I feel personally betrayed when I see the people I supported and defended turn against the principles we defended in the 1990’s. This is one of the reasons that I refused to vote for Trump in 2016.

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Exposing a Satanic conspiracy to normalize pedophilia

As Christians, we need to be able to read the stitches on the fastball. We need to understand that our enemy ultimately is not flesh and blood, but the Devil himself. (See Ephesians 6:12.) There are supernatural forces at work trying to annihilate everything that is good and pure, and the people advancing that agenda on earth might not even realize what they are doing.

The mainstream news media loves stories of pretty young women (especially teachers) having sexual relations with teenage boys in their care. It carries a lurid interest in the audience. But we must not forget that this is much more common with male teachers and teen girls. Male teachers are statistically much more likely to exploit teen girls than female teachers are to do the same with teen boys.

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The Republican Party is the only realistic path to change

We live in a country that is basically split 50-50 between Republicans and Democrats. Because of that, one of the two major political parties is the only realistic option to get positive change on policy. There may be a lot of things to like about the other parties (depending on where you stand ideologically) but as it stands now the Republican and Democratic parties are the only real option to get the policies you want. You have to win elections to get the policy you want.

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Brushing aside Republican accomplishments

With all due respect I think the author of this piece is overlooking the policies of Indiana state government that have contributed to this growth and success. This has a lot more to do with Mitch Daniels, Mike Pence and Eric Holcomb than one and a half years of Donald Trump.

This is not to disparage good economic policy at the federal level, but 14 years of great policy by Republican governors should not be brushed aside either.

Of course Republicans should nominate anti-abortion judges

Hillary Clinton said in 2016 that she would have a litmus test for all Supreme Court nominees, if she became President: They must support legalized abortion. The rules have changed, so why are Republicans determined to play by the old rules?

In the past, it was considered inappropriate for SCOTUS nominees to even address questions that might come up before the court. The argument, from both sides, was that nominations should be decided on the nominee’s qualifications rather than judicial philosophy. Of course, this was always nonsense. Republicans would generally nominate anti-abortion judges, and Democrats would nominate judges that supported legal abortion.

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WordPress banning is strange

Back in 2015, I banned a reader from commenting on ConservaTibbs.com. He had been posting a smear against Rick Santorum and continued to do so after being told to stop. That ban is still in effect. That user knows who he is, so I won’t mention him here as he cannot respond.

Anyway, that same reader has been posting comments since at least early this year, but I did not know that because I do not get notifications when a banned user posts a comment. The comments go directly to the trash. I saw I had 19 comments in the trash and thought it was strange, so I went to look and there were the auto-deleted comments I never saw.

This is a strange way to handle it. Normally, when someone is banned from a forum, website comments, Facebook page or whatever, that user cannot even comment and sometimes cannot even log in. So the fact that WordPress is allowing him to comment and then auto-deleting the comment is unusual compared to standard operating procedures.

Anyway, you can keep commenting if you want, but the comments will not show up and will continue to be auto-deleted. You’re wasting your time.

Not even close to the same thing

Recognizing biological reality is not misgendering. There is no such thing as a “trans woman” or a “trans man.”

One user on Twitter complained that people will correct you if you call a male dog a “she” (or vice versa) but if you correct someone “misgendering” trans people you are called a social justice warrior authoritarian and accused of advancing “compelled speech.” (I am intentionally not linking to the user, because she is not the point.) But the comparison is deeply flawed because the situations are totally different.

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Obviously Donald Trump’s advisors try to reign him in

It has been well established by now that President Donald Trump’s advisors are trying to reign him in and control his impulsive behavior. You do not have to believe specific wild accusations to know this is generally true. All you have to do is look at the President’s Twitter history to know that this is true. Which leads to predictable caterwauling: Oh no, he’s out of control. Whatever shall we do?

So here is a dirty little secret about politics. EVERYONE has advisors that try to reign them in, down to the lowest-level activist in a small college town. This is the way people work. Someone has a hare-brained idea or gets too emotional about something and someone else talks him down. We all seek wise counsel. We all get wise counsel we do not want, and once we cool down we realize the counsel is right and we are glad we did not do whatever foolish thing we wanted to do.

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