Congressman Jim McDermott is a liar

The following is an open letter to Congressman Jim McDermott. A copy of the letter was sent to President Barack Obama and Congressman Baron Hill.

Congressman McDermott,

You delivered a speech on the floor of the US House of Representatives lambasting Rush Limbaugh for his commentary on hungry children. Then, you uploaded a video of your speech to your YouTube channel and bragged about it on your Twitter page. You apparently think that you scored big here. You have not done so, for one simple reason.

You are a liar, Congressman McDermott.

The statements Limbaugh made about teaching students to go dumpster diving during the summer months when school lunches are not available was sarcasm, and you know it. It was never meant to be serious commentary. It was obvious to everyone listening to the program that Limbaugh was being sarcastic and mocking the news story, as if the parents of these children are too stupid or morally bankrupt to feed their own offspring.

My concern is with a member of Congress behaving as you have, shamelessly lying on the House floor and personally attacking a private citizen with obviously false accusations. It is disgusting that you would behave in such a dishonorable manner as part of your official duties as a Congressman.

This is why I am calling on you to resign from the U.S. House of Representatives. You have abused your office and your position of authority with your false accusations and attacks on a private citizen. I am sending a copy of this letter to both President Barack Obama and my Congressman, Baron Hill.

I call on President Obama to denounce your cynical and dishonest rhetoric as antithetical to the stated goal that President Obama has expressed, to reshape American politics to be less divisive and more civil. Openly lying about a private citizen is not civil, Congressman McDermott. I call on Baron Hill to denounce your lies as well.

Scott Tibbs

Scapegoating Ron Artest is foolish

Gary Varvel takes note of Ron Artest’s contributions to winning a championship with Los Angeles by pointing out the damage he did to the Indiana Pacers. Varvel needs to open his eyes about the flaws of the Pacers organization.

This isn’t to minimize Artest’s behavior. He lost control of his temper and charged into the stands after a “fan” in Detroit. Now, the “fan” is a notorious thug with a long criminal record, but Artest is a professional athlete and should know better. When you are making as much money as pro basketball players do, there is an expectation to hold yourself to a higher standard of behavior than the general public.

The NBA’s laughable overreaction to Artest’s behavior exposed that the NBA commissioner David Stern is thoroughly corrupt, but Stern would never have had the chance to sabotage the Pacers had Artest controlled himself. Artest’s selfish and ungrateful trade demand the next season also put the Pacers in an untenable position.

However, the Pacers have a lot of problems that cannot be blamed on Artest. First, Artest was not the only one to lose his cool and become violent on that fateful night in Detroit. Second, there have been other incidents over the years.

In October of 2006, Stephen Jackson, Jamaal Tinsley and Marquis Daniels were part of an altercation at an Indianapolis bar where Jackson fired a handgun into the air. Criminal charges came later.

In February of 2007, Tinsley and Daniels had another altercation at the 8 Seconds Saloon, where they assaulted the bar manager.

In September of 2007 Shawne Williams was arrested for operating a vehicle without a drivers license and two traffic citations. The police cited other passengers for marijuana possession and handgun charges.

In December of 2007, someone fired at Tinsley and his entourage with an assault rife, leading to Tinsley’s brother acting “gansta” by chasing the culprit. He “fired at the attackers with a 9 millimeter handgun.”

In January of 2008, the NBA suspended David Harrison because he failed a marijuana test.

A decade ago, the Portland Trailblazers began to suffer from player misconduct and were mocked as the “Portland Jailblazers” by fans and the media. The Indiana Pacers took up the slack with the thugs and hoodlums on their team. How far the Pacers have fallen from the days of Reggie Miller shocking the Knicks in the playoffs! Mller has to be disgusted by the fall of the franchise that he built.

The Indiana Pacers organization has only itself to blame for its problems. Whatever damage Artest did is insignificant in comparison to all of the other scorn the Pacers have earned.

Associated Press "reporter" Aoife White is a liar

As .xxx comes closer to being available as a top-level domain, Associated Press “reporter” Aoife White makes a brazenly false statement to open her article.

It may soon be easier to block Internet porn: The agency that controls domain names said Friday it will consider adding .xxx to the list of suffixes people and companies can pick when establishing their identities online.


Pardon the “all caps” response above, but lies such as this infuriate me. So-called “reporter” Aoife White knows this is a false statement. She even admits in her third paragraph that porn sites will not be forced into a .xxx “ghetto” and few (if any) will willingly give up their existing domain names. White’s employment should have been terminated the moment she turned in this anti-factual article.

The reality is that .xxx will not make it easier to block internet pornography. It will simply give porn sites an opportunity to market themselves using a new top-level domain. It is estimated that half of all Internet traffic is to porn sites. Do you really think that all of those sites are going to move? Would it be enforceable even if it is a goal?

Of all of the arguments for and against creating a top level domain for “adult” entertainment, this is one that should never be spoken because it is so obviously false. Of the people making this argument, 99.9% know it is false. The point of this post is not even about the top-level domain, though it is a terrible idea.

The point of this post is that if we’re going to debate issues such as this, then the debate should be based on honesty and truth. The news media should not perpetuate statements that everyone knows are false, and White’s opening paragraph was a blatant, brazen, bold-faced lie. It should never have been published.

Appeasement of a ruthless enemy does not work

The IDS editorial of June 10 was shallow and demonstrated that the editorial board lacks understanding of the issues surrounding national security.

It is true that Israel did suffer a public relations setback in the flotilla incident, but this is about far more than public relations. The terrorists who control Gaza have a long history of murderous actions, and have been firing rockets at civilian populations for the sole purpose of terrorizing civilians for years. Thinking people rightly recognize the actions of Hamas as war crimes.

The flotilla incident was a fraud from the beginning. This was never about delivering “humanitarian” aid to the people of Gaza. The only purpose of the flotilla was to provoke Israel into using force to prevent the “activists” (actually terrorists) from breaking a legitimate military blockade.

Israel boarded the ship, and attempted to deal with the “activists” using non-lethal force. They were attacked by “activists” wielding chains, metal pipes and knives. A video clearly shows the “activists” throwing a flash bang grenade into the boat Israeli soldiers were riding and throwing an Israeli soldier off a ship. Israeli soldiers were stabbed and beaten.

Tell me, if this was a “humanitarian” mission, why did the “activists” immediately respond with lethal force? Israeli soldiers were justified in using lethal force to defend themselves.

No matter what Israel does, Islamic terrorists will seek to destroy the nation, and Israel’s enemies will demonize them. Israel has complied with demands to trade “land for peace” and was rewarded by a terrorist state in Gaza committing acts of war against them. If anything, Israel should be praised for restraint in not invading Gaza and occupying it by force.

Appeasement of a ruthless enemy does not work. Israel understands the lessons of the Sudetenland. The IDS editorial board should learn those lessons too.

Thug Congressman physically attacks student journalist

When a Democratic Congressman physically attacked student journalists, the video of Etheridge’s criminal behavior became an Internet sensation with over 2.5 million views. Etheridge immediately brings to mind another entitled Democratic member of Congress, Cynthia McKinney, who is best known for striking a police officer.

Predictably, Leftists are leaping to defend the thug Congressman. Even those who admit that he acted badly are placing blame on the student journalists for “provoking” him. The idea that any blame for Etheridge’s criminal behavior could be assigned to the students is laughable.

The thug congressman was walking down the street, directly toward some student journalists. He had plenty of time to compose himself so he could react in an appropriate and nonviolent manner. When the student asked him a simple question, the thug congressman assaulted the student. He could have ignored them and walked past them, but he did something no member of Congress should ever do: he put his hands on the student.

Etheridge is quite a bit older than the students he assaulted, so he should have been mature enough to deal with them without resorting to violence. He could have easily asked about the student’s identity without putting his hands on the student. The student journalists, for their part, did not retaliate violently – though they would have been justified in doing so as a matter of self defense.

I could have written the defenses for Etheridge’s thuggery before his Leftist apologists spouted it. “He’s not guilty of assault. That is determined by a jury.” How silly. Etheridge is guilty of assault. That much is more than obvious by the tape. It is possible that he will get away with his criminal act, but a lack of a conviction in a court of law does not erase his guilt.

Honestly, have we lost all ability to think for ourselves? Are plainly obvious facts documented by irrefutable video evidence able to be discerned only by a court of law? Any functioning adult can view the video and make a judgment about the criminal behavior documented by the video. Whining that a “judge and jury” will determine what he did is nothing but dishonesty. The video is all the evidence needed to determine guilt.

Finally, to the Leftists crying about due process: Grow up. No one is advocating that Etheridge be denied due process or punished extra judicially. The people condemning the thug Congressman are discerning adults who can see the behavior on the tape and name it. That is protected speech under the First Amendment, and no one’s rights are being violated by those who see and name criminal behavior.

Bloomington Democrats subsidize sexual abuse

Last week, I spoke at the Bloomington City Council meeting against funding for Planned Parenthood. For the eleventh time since 1999, Planned Parenthood has gone before the Bloomington City Council to request a handout. Every time PP has requested a handout, the city council has fallen in line and given them the taxpayers’ money. This has come from the John Hopkins fund every year, except for the grant they got from the community development block grants in 2000.

This year, the city council had over $400,000 in requests, and $200,000 to distribute to various social service agencies. Despite the limited funds and the fact that the need far outpaced the available money, the city council decided once again to give scarce social services monies to an organization that on its most recent annual fiscal report admits that it made a profit of $85 million. This is a political endorsement of Planned Parenthood, nothing more.

I would prefer that the city abolish the social services fund, and allow all residents to make their own choices about which organizations to support. If the city is going to have a social services fund, it is a cynical debasement of the process and a slap in the face to more deserving organizations to give money to Planned Parenthood simply to make a political statement about “abortion rights.” As I said last week, the city councilors should be ashamed of themselves.

This year, the city council has gone beyond the misuse of social services funds for political purposes to actively subsidizing crime. In their application, Planned Parenthood says that there are 14,930 “women” between the ages of 13 and 44 who are in need of publicly funded contraceptives.

Now, why would 13 year old girls “need” publicly funded contraceptives? It is illegal for someone to have sex with a 13 year old, and contraceptives only serve to cover up the sexual abuse of these girls. We should not be providing these girls with contraceptives, we should be finding the men who are abusing these girls and put them in prison. Planned Parenthood is publicly stating that they will be aiding the sexual abuse of children. And the Democrats on the City Council gave them taxpayer money to do it.

It should not be a surprise that Planned Parenthood is publicly announcing that they will be aiding in criminal activity. After all, it has only been a year and a half since a Planned Parenthood employee in Bloomington was caught on tape trying to cover up the sexual abuse of a 13 year old girl by a 31 year old man. This is the organization that is fully supported by the Democrats on the Bloomington City Council.

It is generally understood that those who aid in criminal activity are guilty just as the criminals themselves, so it is reasonable to say that the Democrat-dominated Bloomington City Council is now a criminal organization.

Replacing God’s moral law with man’s petty law

Two weeks ago, I got smacked by a nasty cold. It started out as a sore throat and expanded from there. As usually happens, I got stuffed up and could not breathe out of my nose. To suppress my symptoms until I fought off the infection, I purchased some nasal decongestant containing pseudoephedrine as the main ingredient. Because the symptoms were not going away as I approached the end of my box, I purchased another box.

Both times, I was treated like a criminal.

Pseudophedrine is used by methamphetamine dealers and addicts to make the drug. Because of this, the federal government has mandated that products containing certain doses of pseudoephedrine cannot be sold over-the-counter in the traditional manner. To purchase the decongestant, you have to show a photo ID and your information will be recorded. If you purchase too much, you will be visited by the police.

I’ve ranted about this before, so I will not repeat the complaints I have previously posted. The point I want to emphasize here is something my pastor has said many times: when you abolish God’s moral law, you replace it with an infinite number of man’s petty laws.

Today on South College Avenue, the “doctor” at Planned Parenthood will murder several babies by dismemberment for profit. A society that has not discarded God’s moral law would not allow this to take place and would send the police to arrest the “doctor” for the crime of murder. Planned Parenthood’s “clinic” would be closed. But in our society, the government has decided that murdering your child is a “constitutional right” and refuses to interfere. Instead, the government actively protects this “right.”

But while the “right” to kill your child is protected, you may not purchase cold medicine without having your name placed into a database mandated by the federal government. You can have your child murdered, but you better be wearing a seat belt on the way to the abortuary, because not doing so is dangerous. The government warns us against consuming too much sugar and cooking with trans fats.

Do I really need to comment about how completely perverse this is?

When hatred pretends to be "compassion"

Last year, Jamie Weddle held his girlfriend captive for two days. He raped her several times, sodomized her, and beat her so badly that he broke her leg. When she begged him to seek medical attention, he refused and raped her again. Last week, Judge Marc Kellams sentenced him to spend 70 years in prison, of which he will likely serve half.

At the sentencing, Public Defender Stu Baggerly argued for a lighter punishment by saying the most depraved, disgusting, hate-filled thing that could possibly come out of his mouth.

Jamie is not a bad person. He is a man who has made bad decisions.

Bovine feces.

Turning off the lights before walking through the room at night is a bad decision. Raping, sodomizing and brutally beating your girlfriend for two days is not a bad decision. Holding her hostage is not a bad decision. Breaking her leg and denying her medical attention is not a bad decision. It is evil.

What Baggerly said was pure hatred. Imagine what the victim must have felt listening to this prominent attorney say that the horrible things done to her were nothing more than “bad decisions.” Could Baggerly have been any more hateful to this woman? He should publicly retract his evil words and personally apologize to the victim.

Baggerly’s hatred for Weddle is evident as well. Weddle does not need to hear that his actions were “bad decisions.” He needs to hear that what he did was evil. He needs to hear that he is going to suffer in horrible burning agony in the Lake of Fire for all eternity unless he repents of his evil deeds. Only when faced with the terrible fear of judgment by a holy and righteous God can Weddle recognize that he is without hope and that he needs the shed blood of Jesus Christ to cover his terribly wicked and evil behavior. (See 1 John 1:9)

Judge Kellams, meanwhile, perfectly represents the love and holiness of Jesus Christ by handing down this harsh punishment. He served as an avenger for the victim, just as God does, demonstrating his love for her. Kellams did not whitewash and brush aside the evil done by Weddle. Instead, he shoved it directly into Weddle’s face and made it perfectly clear that Weddle is evil. In doing so, he demonstrated that he loves Weddle.

Fraudulent “compassion” in the face of evil is nothing but hatred in disguise.

The redundant residency requirement

Last week, the Monroe County Council considered resolution 2010-13, which would require that certain positions be filled by people who are Monroe County residents. Putting aside the merit of the proposed policy, the basic problem with it is that it is redundant because state law already requires that chief deputies live in the county.

IC 36-2-16-3

Performance of duties of appointing officer; regulations and penalties; responsibility for acts of deputy

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Sec. 3. (a) A deputy appointed under this chapter may perform all the official duties of the officer who appointed him and is subject to the same regulations and penalties as the officer.

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp(b) The officer appointing the deputy is responsible for all the official acts of the deputy.

As added by Acts 1980, P.L.212, SEC.1.

IC 36-2-16-4

Officers entitled to appoint chief or other deputies and employees

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Sec. 4. Each of the following county officers is entitled to appoint one (1) first or chief deputy, and also may appoint the number of other full-time or part-time deputies and employees authorized by the county fiscal body:

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp(1) The county auditor.

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp(2) The county treasurer.

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp(3) The county recorder.

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp(4) The county superintendent of schools.

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp(5) The county sheriff.

As added by Acts 1980, P.L.212, SEC.1. Amended by Acts 1981, P.L.11, SEC.154; P.L.174-2006, SEC.20.

The fact that the county council is considering a redudant residency requirement raises an obvious question: How many employees, if any, that are required by state law to be county residents are not actually county residents?