Vigilantism is not the answer

An inmate faces “jailhouse justice” in Indianapolis:

Authorities say an Indianapolis man charged in the fatal shootings of a 7-year-old girl and her uncle was beaten by fellow inmates the day after his arrest in the killings.

WISH-TV reports Marion County Jail officers found the six men punching and kicking 22-year-old Michael Bell in the head and face Dec. 18.

Source: Bloomington Herald-Times

I am not shedding any tears over the inmate being beaten, but this is just plain wrong. We are better than this kind of vigilante justice. We are obligated to protect those in our custody from having their civil rights violated.

If Michael Bell is convicted after a fair trial by a jury of his peers, he should be executed. Then, I will celebrate his death and praise our justice system. But I do not praise vigilantism – no matter how much he may have “deserved” the beating.