Murders in Bloomington up by 200 since 2005

Last week, Indiana Right to Life sent out an email alert passing on the good news that abortion had declined in 2009 from the previous year, including in Monroe County. While this decline is good news, it follows a sharp increase in the number of abortions here in Monroe County since 2005. See below:

This is obviously a very bad thing. Had the number of abortions remained level, two hundred children would be alive today. Instead, those children were killed by dismemberment, and those murders were protected by federal law. Indiana has no authority to stop the bloodshed in our cities.

Most of those abortions take place at the Planned Parenthood “clinic” on South College Avenue, a source of shame for Bloomington. According to Planned Parenthood of Indiana’s annual report, Planned Parenthood murdered 5,250 babies across the state in their most recent fiscal year.

According to that same report, PPIN enjoyed $15,135,052 in revenue while spending $14,232,019 – a profit of over $900,000. Are you seriously trying to tell me that Planned Parenthood “needs” a grant every single year from the Bloomington City Council? Is Planned Parenthood actually arguing that legitimate local charities should be denied a grant so that the baby killers at Planned Parenthood can take a chunk of the limited social service funds?

This is shameful, folks. While our city fathers continue to give money confiscated by force from taxpayers to baby killers, those baby killers are ramping up the number of babies they kill every year. Each and every one of these people need to be thrown out of office.

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