The birth control fraud: Do the math!

I have made this point in comments on HeraldTimesOnline (see here and here) but it needs to be made again. Please pay careful attention to the next two paragraphs.

Sandra Fluke claims that she and other students at Georgetown are unable to afford birth control, as it will cost them $3,000 over the course of three years. (Not $3,000 every year as has been erroneously reported.)

Both Wal-Mart and Target offer prescription birth control for $9 per month. That is $108 per year – a far cry from the $1,000 per year that Fluke claims to be paying for birth control. We’re talking about a couple of value meals at McDonald’s or a single meal at Applebee’s. Are you seriously trying to argue that these students at Georgetown University cannot afford a paltry nine dollars per month?

Of course Leftists do not want to argue that, because the American people would laugh at them. That is why this phony figure of $3,000 is being thrown about. Other than a few blogs and people commenting on websites, no one is calling them out on this absurd dishonesty. Why are the Republicans in Congress (and the GOP candidates for President) not pointing out that the $3,000 figure is absurd and pointing them to Wal-Mart?

If a woman is paying $1,000 per year for birth control instead of $108, she is being ripped off and needs to find a different provider. She should also report the shysters who are selling this to her. If an insurance company (or Medicaid) is paying $1,000 a year for birth control – ten times more than what they should be paying – then I want to see someone go to prison, because there is fraud going on. This is the kind of fraud that drives up insurance rates for everyone, and it contributes to drastic increases in health care costs.

Folks, the math simply does not add up here. Before we even get into the political, moral and philosophical debate about whether or not Christian organizations should be forced to pay for an insurance policy that covers contraceptives, we need to get our facts straight. This nonsense about birth control costing $1,000 per year instead of $108 needs to be called out and exposed for the fraud all thinking people know it to be.


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