Obscene and brazen hypocrisy by the Herald-Times

The following statement in today’s Herald-Times editorial is arguably the most obscene and brazen example of two-faced, fork-tongued hypocrisy I have EVER seen.

Certainly, bullying goes on in cyberspace, particularly where anonymity “protects” the bully from those being victimized. No courage needed — as if courage could ever be assigned to someone who bullies someone perceived to be too weak to fight back.

This from the so-called “newspaper” that aggressively protects anonymity in HTO comments, including the anonymity of candidates for countywide elective office. It is literally stunning that the editorial board could look themselves in the mirror after writing such an extreme example of credibility-obliterating hypocrisy… but then again, nothing that is spewed out of the Herald-Times should be a surprise!