House Bill 1351 needs to be defeated

My latest post at Hoosier Access, regarding reforming welfare benefits:

When I first saw the summary for House Bill 1351, I wondered if Michelle Obama had somehow taken control of the Republican caucus in the Indiana House of Representatives. Fortunately, that is not the case, but this is certainly something that Mrs. Obama would support.

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Selling legal products legally is a "crime" now?

We have seen many abuses in the “War on Drugs,” and now we see a new one: It is now a “crime” to sell a legal product legally, even when the person selling that legal product in a legal way calls the police with concerns that people are using it to make methamphetamine and asks for suggestions on what to do about it. When the store was raided, the obviously guilty store employee went to the store to provide whatever assistance he could to law enforcement.

For more information, see here and here and here.

At issue is Polar Pure, a product used to purify water. A critical ingredient is iodine. The product itself is legal, and was being sold legally. The “crime” committed by store employees in selling Polar Pure is that this product can be used to make methamphetamine – a truly horrible and destructive drug.

So here is the issue. The store was selling a legal product, legally, and the government decided they committed a “crime” and went after them. You can be assured there is greed at work too, because the Obama regime also wants the store to hand over nearly $270,000. The “War on Drugs” is often used to line the pockets of government, after all.

This is ridiculous. If a product being sold is that bad, then ban it. Make it illegal to manufacture, transport, possess and sell the product. That makes far more sense than inventing “crimes” after the fact. By the way, ex post facto laws are illegal under the Constitution – the very same Constitution that Obama swore to uphold and protect.

For the Obama regime to decide that selling a legal product legally is a “crime” is a bridge too far. It opens the floodgates for criminal liability and putting even more non-violent people in our already overcrowded and overburdened prison system, plus making it much more difficult for these people to be productive members of society.

The Obama regime has shown some much-needed sanity in pushing for reform of mandatory minimum prison sentences for drug crimes, but they are still drug warriors at heart. If Obama is serious about containing the abuses of the “War on Drugs,” dropping cases like this would be a good place to start.

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Alfred Kinsey is the personification of evil

It is amazing to me how many of the same people who justifiably condemn the Roman Catholic Church and Penn State so-called “University” for failing to protect children from sexual predators will aggressively defend the Kinsey Institute and Alfred Kinsey specifically.

When the Herald-Times reported on the Kinsey Institute getting access to some written material, I posted a simple comment: “Justice for the children of Table 34.” This caused Leftists to become enraged. I was called names and personally attacked, but the facts are on my side.

Kinsey’s crimes against humanity were documented in his own book and the facts have been well-established for decades now. The facts, provided by Alfred Kinsey himself, are as follows: Kinsey interviewed a demonic, evil monster known as “Mr. Green,” who provided information on how the children he brutally tortured reacted to the horrific tortures committed against them.

Kinsey published this information in his book and never turned “Mr. Green” over to the civil magistrate so he could be punished and so other victims could be protected. Instead, Kinsey profited professionally from the information “Mr. Green” provided to him. All of this has been well-established and well-documented for decades. Because of his demonic behavior, Kinsey can easily be compared to Nazi maniac Josef Mengele.

While some would recoil at Nazi comparisons to anything, it is appropriate. The Nazis were certainly evil, but they are hardly unique to history. We need only look at the infamous Tuskegee experiment where treatment for syphilis was intentionally withheld from blacks to see this kind of evil in our own history. Of course, we also committed genocide against the various American Indian tribes.

So given Kinsey’s evil, why does he have such a devoted cult of followers? The answer is simple: Kinsey is considered the father of the “sexual revolution” and sexual license. Militant homosexuals and militant abortion-rights advocates venerate him as if he is the prophet of a religion. But this makes no sense. One can argue that consenting adults should be able to engage in whatever sexual practice they see fit without defending a monster who profited from the savage and brutal rape of children as young as infants.

When Alfred Kinsey died, the world became a much better place. It is a terrible injustice, though, that he was never prosecuted for his crimes against humanity. But while Kinsey might have escaped man’s judgment, he did not escape the judgment of Almighty God. Ever since the day he died, Kinsey has been suffering in horrible burning agony in Hell Fire, where he will continue to suffer in horrible burning agony for all eternity.

Random thoughts of the day

♣ – In news that surprises absolutely no one who has ever had a baby, new research has “discovered” that babies do “fake” cry in order to get attention.

♣ – I downloaded a “Chess” app for iOS and I set the difficulty to the highest grandmaster level. Because that’s how I roll! I promptly got obliterated. I did not think it was even possible to get checkmated three moves into a match. (Just kidding, but that’s not much of an exaggeration.)

♣ – To be fair to Chris Christie, I have seen no evidence of his involvement in New Jersey’s bridge closing scandal. But if Christie is guilty of intentionally shutting down the bridge for childish political retribution, I absolutely will not vote for him in the 2016 general election. We do not need someone that dangerously corrupt anywhere near the White House. The power of the President is too vast for that, which is why this is a disqualification.

♣ – ClearNote Fellowship is having a church officers’ conference next month, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who serves a church. The audio from past conferences is very educational and encouraging. See audio from 2013, 2013, 2012, 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009.

♣ – Facebook has just launched a new feature to show what is “trending” on the popular social networking site. Congratulations, Facebook! Now you are only five years behind Twitter and a couple years behind Google Plus.

A silly argument over texting leads to death

By now you have heard of the tragic shooting in the movie theater, where an 71-year-old man shot a 43-year-old man after an argument over the younger man texting his daughter. This is sad, simply because it should never have escalated into a physical confrontation and would not have if either man had been an adult.

The younger man should not have been texting, because it is not permitted by the theater. Simply respecting the rules of the theater would have avoided the confrontation entirely. If there is an emergency and you need to contact someone, step outside the theater and make a phone call. I did just that last summer – it was not an emergency but was important enough that I needed to make a call. So rather than disturbing anyone, I left and came back.

(That said, some of the rules are inane and needlessly authoritarian. One chain has a rule against “time checking.” Seriously? You’re telling me I may not check the time on my phone? What about my watch, with the light?)

Once it became clear that the person behind him was angry about the texting, the younger man should have either left the theater to finish it or moved to a different seat so as not to disturb the older man. Finally, the younger man threw a bag of popcorn at the older man. Who does that? There are well-behaved two year old boys who know better than to throw things at people. He did not deserve to die, but had he been punched in the face I would not have shed any tears.

The greatest fault, though, was the older man. The victim was not talking, he was texting – the latter being much less intrusive than the former. He was not streaming a YouTube video with the volume up. Just chill out and do not get angry over something so insignificant. If the texting is that distracting, ask him to stop and move to a different place if he refuses. Had the older man decided to be the bigger person, none of this would have happened.

As for the shooting itself, I hold the older man much more responsible than I would an average person, because the shooter is a former police officer. (Speaking of respecting the rules, the older man should not have brought a weapon where it was prohibited. He should have respected the private property rights of the theater.) As a former police officer, he has the training to know when he is truly in danger and when he is not. Based on the evidence thus far, there is no justification for the shooting. It is a sad case all around and it never should have happened.

If only we had a do-nothing bureaucracy

My latest post at Hoosier Access:

But the fact that the federal government is enacting this many regulations in one single year that have the force of law should be a concern to those of us who value individual liberty and limited government. Did we really need the federal government to pass so many regulations in 2013? What pressing problems were solved by these new regulations? Could we have gotten along without some of them?

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Figure skating in the Winter Olympics

It is time for the Winter Olympics again. That means it is time for my usual rant about figure skating.

I appreciate the athleticism of events like figure skating. There is no way I could do any of the moves these men and women do on the ice. I admire the physical strength, balance, coordination, conditioning and speed of these athletes. The natural talent it takes to compete in figure skating at the Olympics is amazing and the huge amount of time they spend in training is admirable.

However, figure skating at the Olympics is not a sport, because it is not truly a competition. It is far too politicized and corrupt to be considered a true sport. I have absolutely no respect for the so-called “judges” of those events. Too many scandals have gone by and too much corruption has been exposed. I only need to point to the corrupt French so-called “judges” selling their vote in 2002 as to the reason I do not respect these so-called “judges” or their authority.

The Olympics are far too political for the judged events to be taken seriously. The only events with any credibility at the Olympics are events where there is an objective standard of performance. I may enjoy the performance, but if the results are determined by so-called “judges” then I have no interest in who “wins” or “loses” the competition.

The sad reality is that professional wrestling has more credibility than figure skating in the Olympics. At least pro wrestling promoters admit the match results are predetermined. Professional wrestling promoters do not pretend that what happens between the athletes in the ring is a legitimate competition – that farce was abandoned decades ago. The Olympic games either needs to be honest and admit the results are predetermined or clean up the corruption so we have a legitimate competition.

Why I support corporal punishment

Note: I originally wrote this in June 2004.

The Washington Post reports on a practice known as “hot saucing”, where a bit of hot sauce is applied to a child’s tongue as a disciplinary measure. (Credit for the link goes to this blog.)

I do not have a problem with corporal punishment. I support a parent’s right to apply discipline to their child as they see fit, within reasonable limits. However, I think this is over the line.

I don’t think corporal punishment, when applied correctly, is indicative of a parent losing his or her temper. If the child is made to understand that he is being given a specific punishment for a specific reason, and the parent does it out of love and a desire to correct the child, corporal punishment can be very effective.

Corporal punishment need not be the only method of discipline. Time outs can be very effective. I remember being sat on the couch, no talking, no television, etc. There were times when I would have preferred a swat on the behind than sitting still for 15-30 minutes, because at least it would be over quickly. Taking away privileges can be effective too.

But corporal punishment should be an option for parents. Indeed, the Bible supports corporal punishment in Proverbs 13:24 and Proverbs 23:12-14.

My view is parents should only paddle within a strict set of procedures, and shouldn’t use it as a first resort. But sometimes it may be needed. I would much rather a child be afraid of a swat on the behind than run out into a busy street. Childish curiosity is all well and good, but must be tempered. A child should not be so curious of a hot stove that they wind up with blisters on their hands.

Legal codes such as Canada’s allow parents to use reasonable physical force in disciplining their children. That same system of laws would not allow a parent to do things that would be defined as child abuse. Children DO have “security of the person” to protect them from being abused, by parents or anyone else. It’s just that there is more leeway for parents (or others entrusted with the care of the child, to some extent) to use corporal punishment on their own child than for someone else to use physical force on an adult.