2014 Rally for Life draws over 220 to protest abortion

As we do every year, abortion opponents gathered on the Monroe County Courthouse square yesterday in below-freezing temperatures to protest the Supreme Court’s 1973 decision to allow the murder of unborn babies.

Pastor Ray Salemink of Trinity Lutheran Church in Ellettsville opened his speech by saying that the thought of all of the victims of abortion makes us angry, as it should. But our anger should make us think about our own sins and how we are just as guilty as those who advocate for the “right” to kill the innocent and those who actually do the killing.

It is a good reminder. When we are fighting against a terrible evil, it is easy to see ourselves as vastly better than they are. That is especially true when Christians are fighting against an evil committed by pagans. But that is not the case at all. We are all sinners, and our hearts are desperately wicked, as Scripture teaches in Jeremiah 17:9.

After Pastor Salemink’s speech, we walked down Walnut Street to Second Street, and back up College Avenue past Planned Parenthood. We had a few hecklers, including one person who kept screaming “it’s a free country.” While we do have a lot of freedom in these United States, we do not live in anarchy. We have laws that make it illegal to harm others, and there is no harm more serious than murdering someone.

Sadly, that does not apply to the unborn, though it should. May God take away this curse from our land.

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Pictures from the 2014 Rally for Life

Abortion opponents gather on the courthouse square.

Dewayne Pinkney speaks to the crowd.

Preparing to march through Bloomington, past Planned Parenthood.