The freedom not to associate

Freedom of association necessarily includes the freedom not to associate.

That is not Jim Crow, so please stop making this nonfactual comparison. Government-mandated segregation and discrimination is and should be illegal.

But a private business owner should not be forced to serve anyone he does not want to serve, for any reason or no reason at all.

For crying out loud, read Facebook’s Terms of Service Agreement. If you post certain things, you can have your account deleted. That means Facebook refuses to serve you, and they are well within their legal rights to do that.

Most stores have a sign that says “no shirt, no shoes, no service.” That’s discrimination. It is also their legal right.

If you believe in freedom of choice, that means you need to allow for choices you don’t personally like. Even if you believe it is “discrimination.”

Otherwise, you don’t believe in freedom of choice.

2 thoughts on “The freedom not to associate

  1. Your comparison of excluding gays from any public accommodation based on “faith” with banning shirtless, shoeless patrons from a restaurant is both disingenuous and frankly bizarre. The same “religious Right” bigots who hate gays frequently also hate nonwhites and members of “false” religions–such as Catholics, Mormons, and Jews. In fact, based on your skewed vision, “faith” can justify excluding anyone from anyplace and anything. Once again, in the name of common decency to simply admit your bigotry and stop pretending it's something Jesus would do or approve.


  2. In fact, based on your skewed vision, “faith” can justify excluding anyone from anyplace and anything

    Exactly. Let anyone do business or not do business as they choose, without government forcing the market either toward discrimination or mandatory acceptance.


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