Sacrificing free speech to avoid hurt feelings

My latest editorial at Hoosier Access

The “ban bossy” campaign is absurd on its face, but what is more worrying is the increasing trend to suppress speech in the name of protecting someone’s fragile feelings. Are Americans really so willing to take word after word out of our vocabulary because of the alleged harm it does to people and groups? How much are we willing to censor in order to not hurt people’s feelings?

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4 thoughts on “Sacrificing free speech to avoid hurt feelings

  1. No, I mean like the silly letter you once sent the HT referring to some fool's “mooning” of your so-called “pro-life” picket line as a “hate crime,” while you argue now for the “right” of so-called Xians to discriminate at will under the guise of “religious freedom.” Why should those who believe “God separated the races” then be held accountable for criminal acts of discrimination under state and federal laws? What's to prevent state-licensed pharmacists from arbitrarily rejecting certain prescriptions? Your obsessive focus on “religious freedom” for one sect only–yours–blinds you to all the harm that creed has done throughout history, and which it perpetuates in the present day. I don't believe you're ignorant of that harm. Rather, I strongly suspect you support it, in the same way your various “happy secession day” letters celebrate the slave-owning Confederacy, while you claim racism is “a sin.” You carry double-talk to the ultimate extreme.


  2. I didn't say it was a hate crime. I said it was a hate incident – which it was, and should have been included in the BHRC's hate incidents report.

    I submitted the incident knowing it would not make it into that report, thus exposing the hypocrisy.

    In any case, a childish troll exposing himself in public is hardly calling anyone on their hypocrisy.


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