Real violence and fantasy violence

I find it very amusing that the state senator arrested for gun running in California was very vocal about video game violence. That takes some extra audacity – denounce fake “violence” involving pixels and polygons while trafficking illegal weapons that actually kill real people.

5 thoughts on “Real violence and fantasy violence

  1. Nothing new under the sun where hypocrisy's concerned, as witnessed in the case of “family values” Republicans snared in sex scandals, from Gingrich on down the line to last week's sexual assault arrest of a leading state legislator. That said, I still have to ask what any supposed “born-again” is doing, wasting time on murder games and/or devoting valuable time to watching cinematic mayhem. Chances of a coherent answer: nil. Christlike behavior? Not even close.


  2. And I would never argue against anyone enjoying video games. Personally, I lean toward slasher movies with high body counts–but, then again, I don't pretend to be a Xian. The question is: what draws a pure-living, Christ-emulating “born-again” fella to such entertainment, when you could be studying scripture or (God forbid!) obeying his orders to help the poor, sick, and disadvantaged? WWJD, indeed?


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