Never forget the massacre in Waco!

Twenty-one years ago today, the Branch Davidian cult was massacred in Waco, Texas. Never forget this crime.

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4 thoughts on “Never forget the massacre in Waco!

  1. And so, sadly, does the heavily armed “Christian militia” hate movement. I simply find it odd–though not surprising–that you constantly ignore the violent nuts on your side of the political fence or, if you mention them at all, minimize their hate fueled and religiously motivated crimes. A perfect case in point is your adoration of lunatic Ann Coulter, who as said her only problem with McVeigh is that he didn't bomb the New York Times with its staff inside. She's also publicly called for terrorist murders of “liberals” in Congress, yet you fawn over her as if she's the greatest thing since sliced bread. And need I mention your fondness for Aryan Nations ally Larry Pratt?


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