Hobby Lobby

Regarding the Hobby Lobby case, I really don’t have anything to say that I haven’t already said.

So here is what I have already said:

We must also oppose chemical abortion.

The birth control fraud: Do the math!

“Positive” rights and “negative” rights.

ObamaCare, birth control and our entitlement society.

Obama’s hostility to Christians continues.

Santorum’s classic libertarian position on contraception.

3 thoughts on “Hobby Lobby

  1. Gotta love the Scalia Gang's latest decision. Less accessible birth control means more abortions. “Pro-lifers”–the birth-obsessed who forget poor children as soon as they're born, branding them “lazy takers”–really needs to think more, maybe even get your heads outside a book of ancient Jewish fairy tales, before you shoot yourself in the foot again. Then again, on second thought, just keep doing the same silly stuff time after time. Your hero Santorum was right on the money for once: Republicans “don't get the smart people.”


  2. And a P.S. on Santorum–or, as Tony Soprano once called him, “Senator Sanatorium.” Let's just ignore his wife's admitted abortion, shall we? That was “necessary,” even though no one else is entitled to one on the same grounds. There's your “unashamed and unapologetic Christian faith” in a nutshell: do as I say, not as I do.


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