4 thoughts on “Click the link below is you want to be angry…

  1. Couldn't get beyond the headline, but it's no secret that Texas “justice” has sucked forever. No improvement under Republicans since the GOP “Southern strategy” turned Dixiecrats “red” during the Nixon and Reagan regimes. Bush Jr. and Perry may be the worst yet, with their “privatized” prisons staffed by sadistic ex-cons. Basically, the party's rotten from DC to the boondocks. Might consider switching if you *really* care about justice for anyone except zygotes.


  2. Looks like the Chronicle sends articles behind the paywall after a week.

    Basically, a woman was blackmailed by prosecutors into testifying that her boyfriend was not with her when a crime took place, even though he was. He spent years in prison for a crime he didn't commit.


  3. Nothing new under the sun. Flagrant frame-ups led Gov. Ryan to order a moratorium on Illinois executions back in 2000. We've been jailing, and sometimes executing, innocent people forever. Presumably the dead ones aren't “burning in Hell in everlasting agony,” etc.?


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