7 thoughts on “Wisdom from Dr. Sowell

  1. What is the “current disaster?” Things seem pretty good to me.

    And I think that all presidents are chosen based on “demographics and symbolism.” The former is the essence of a democratic election the latter the function of a political platform and the vision outlined therein. Sowell, unsurprisingly, is simply trying to blow the race dog whistle while appearing to do something, umm, different.

    The GOPs objection to the current president is almost entirely racial in nature. And they will go to no end of contortion to try and make that point without actually saying it.


  2. Who backs Hillary just to have a female POTUS? Last I heard of that dim-witted thinking it came from Republican women interviewed on TV in '08, literally saying they had no idea who she was or what she stood for, if anything.


  3. No one accused Clinton of being “lazy,” “shiftless,” Muslim, a foreigner, the “food stamp president” or any similar blatant racist buzzwords in the 90s. If you can't see the racism in your chosen party, you must be blind in one eye and squinting with the other. Of course, last I heard, you admired racist Aryan Nations bosom buddy Larry Pratt, so that's really no surprise.


  4. “Opposition to Clinton was every bit as fierce in the 1990's as opposition to Obama has been the last six years.”

    Yes, but it was not overwhelmingly racist in nature as is the opposition to Obama.


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