Obama’s anti-constitutional war on sermons

The Obama regime is at it again, illegally using the Internal Revenue Service to threaten and blackmail pastors into silence on moral and cultural issues from the pulpit if those sermons are politically inconvenient.

Christians have always been vocal on political issues when conscience and a clear commandment of Scripture is at stake. Christians rescued babies left to die by exposure by the pagans in the Roman Empire, and Christians were loud and frequent critics of slavery as practiced in these United States. (See Deuteronomy 24:7 and Exodus 21:16 for more.) Christianity has a long history of empowering women’s rights, especially in pagan lands where women are subjected to being mutilated as part of cultural tradition. Today, Christians are the primary opponents of the horrific system of mass murder we call “reproductive choice.”

But Christian witness against the slaughter of the unborn, the sexual libertinism that has so degraded and debased our culture (especially women) and the efforts to redefine the institution of marriage are all inconvenient for Obama’s Democratic Party. Obama’s illegal rebellion against the Constitution, therefore, is designed to silence people speaking Biblical truth when that truth in in conflict with his policies. Obama’s rebellion is similar to King Herod having John the Baptist beheaded after John rebuked Herod for taking his brother’s wife.

Christians need to stand up and say “no” to this illegal usurpation of power by the Obama regime. Pastors are obligated to disobey the Obama regime and preach as they are called – both because of Acts 5:29 and in submission to this nation’s ultimate authority, the United States Constitution. If Obama persists in this illegal scheme to violate the First Amendment, he should be impeached.

3 thoughts on “Obama’s anti-constitutional war on sermons

  1. We both know there's nothing “illegal” about it. Church leaders apply for tax exemptions because they're greedy, and they do it in full knowledge of the rules attached. When they then break those rules–otherwise known as committing a crime–why should they be exempt from punishment? Your bible calls for false prophets to be stoned. Why do you defend these money-grubbing cheats, except as an excuse to blame Obama for a nonexistent “war” against your cult? You should be smart enough to know that corrupt “pastors” have been stripped of undeserved tax exemptions under other administrations as well. Your typical selective blindness speaks volumes to your true motives.


  2. The Constitution forbids government from punishing speech and the free exercise of religion. A sermon is both, and it is against the law for the Obama regime to police sermons. The Constitution trumps the tax code, period.


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