Monroe County Democrats fund child abuse with tax money

The civil magistrate exists to protect people from violent criminals and predators. But what are we to do when the government uses public resources to enable violent crime? What are we to do when government is actually enabling violent crime against children in violation of the law?

Last week, Caroline Craddock wrote about a horrific story where a Colorado Planned Parenthood “clinic” allegedly helped a sexual predator continue to brutally rape his stepdaughter by aborting the 13-year-old girl’s baby and then giving her birth control. That, of course, allowed the stepfather to continue to rape the young teenager without the need to worry about her getting pregnant.

Here in Monroe County, the local Democratic Party is joined at the hip with the Planned Parenthood “clinic” in downtown Bloomington. Democrats on the Bloomington City Council have given PP handouts nearly every year since 1999. (PP did not get funding in 2009 or 2012.) The Monroe County Council got into the act in 2009, and then gave handouts to PP in 2010, 2012 and 2013. The most shameful of the handouts was in 2010, when Planned Parenthood bragged in their application that they would be giving birth control to girls as young as 13 years old.

Now, why does a 13 year old girl need birth control? The age of consent in Indiana is 16. Any sexual contact with a child 13 years old or younger is a felony under Indiana law. There are some medical uses of birth control, but let’s not fool ourselves here – the birth control being given to 13 year old girls is being used to prevent pregnancy. In other words, those drugs are being used to cover up felony sexual abuse, and the Monroe County Democratic Party is more than happy to use taxpayer money to cover up felonies.

City Council elections are next year, but county council elections are this November. The candidates in all four districts should answer this question: How can you justify spending tax money to give birth control to 13 year old girls? Are you so gullible or willfully ignorant that you do not see this will be used to enable the crimes of sexual predators, or do you simply not care? What if it were your own daughter?

4 thoughts on “Monroe County Democrats fund child abuse with tax money

  1. “There are some medical uses of birth control, but let's not fool ourselves here – the birth control being given to 13 year old girls is being used to prevent pregnancy.”

    And we wouldn't want that, would we? I mean,being “pro-life” and all. The more unwanted kids the better, for Republicans to rail against letting them have a dime in aid.


  2. Although I'd have to check state law, I doubt it's a felony where both parties are minors of closely similar ages. Nearly all states make some allowance in “statutory rape” cases where both consenting parties are within a year or two of one another in age.


  3. Under Indiana Code, all sexual contact with anyone 13 years of age or under is a felony. There are no exceptions or age allowances.

    It's possible that the code was updated in the last couple years and I missed it, but that certainly was the case when the funding was approved in 2010.


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