An observation from George Will

Here is an interesting observation from George Will:

Regarding voting, more often means worse. If money is necessary to lure certain voters to the polls, those voters will lower the quality of the turnout: They will be those people who are especially uninterested in, and hence especially uninformed about, public affairs. Why is it intelligent public policy to encourage their participation?

Source: Washington Post.

4 thoughts on “An observation from George Will

  1. How like a “conservative” to advocate restricted suffrage. And who, precisely, is (allegedly) paying these unidentified “certain voters” to cast their ballots? More rank manure from “the Right,” touting presumed ignorance as a reason for obstructing suffrage. If that were truly the standard–rather than the same racist swill we've heard for generations–Tea Party members fed on lies from the Faux News trough should be the first barred from voting. They're not only ignorant of facts, history, and science, many of them are demonstrably unbalanced mentally.


  2. No one is advocating prohibiting people from voting. Will's objections are to paying people to vote. Big difference.

    There are hyperlinks to the story in Will's column on WaPo. If you follow the link to Will's column, you can see the links from there.


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