One thought on “A serious question

  1. While never “appropriate,” it's a long established tradition, not by any means confined to intrusive bodily searches for contraband. New Orleans P.D., as late as the 1940s, practiced “rape by rank” on any woman unlucky enough to be jailed without posting bond promptly enough to gain freedom before the scum gathered and got in line outside her cell, captains first, then lieutenants, and so on. Every week we see new articles about thugs with badges raping or otherwise sexually abusing prisoners, both female and transsexual. I keep waiting for a “good cop” to surface and start cleaning house in compliance with his/her oath of office, but I'm not holding my breath. In a similar vein, I'd be happy to hear your views on rape by medically unnecessary vaginal ultrasound devices mandated by Republicans for women seeking abortions, with no other purpose than to terrify and humiliate them. Why do I suspect your outrage will be faint to nonexistent?


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