One thought on “The real question

  1. Interesting you should bring that up… I have been thinking a lot about how most of our discourse is directed at the politicians in D.C.

    While certainly not perfect, I think that national politicians generally live under a much brighter spotlight and thus are more competent and less venal than the “median” elected official. It seems to me that the further “down” the scale one gets, the less light shone on the position and interest in the decisions made, generally.

    For example, look at our state legislature — . I used to have a job whereby I would attend legislative committee meetings, and the volume of lobbyists hanging out at the statehouse, slapping legislators on the back and generally greasing the good ole boy network would be enough to make you sick.

    Think even further down the totem pole. Look at City government, whether that city is Indianapolis, Carmel, Ft. Wayne, etc., the hallmark of every action is the pockets that it lines.

    Ever wonder how our local school boards manage to get themselves so far in debt? How many people can name a single member of their local school board?

    Food for thought.


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