Children, the state, and reproductive "rights"

Our culture’s attitude toward reproduction – both the “right” to terminate a pregnancy or the “right” to have children – both come from the same corrupted root. We do not view children as a blessing, or even as human beings. We view them as a commodity.

The fact that our culture does not see children as a blessing is seen in the judgmental attitude toward large families. When a family who already has “enough” children is expecting another one (or when they are just seen to have “too many” children) that family is asked the question “Uhhhh huh huh huh, Do you know what causes that? Huh huh huh.” Large families are obviously ignorant hicks who do not know any better.

If you want a child, you should be able to pay to get one though various technologies. If you do not want a child, you should be able to pay to get rid of that child. Both viewpoints put the rights of the adults ahead of the rights of the children. That is obvious in the case of abortion, because the child is being killed by dismemberment. But that is also the case in the “right” to reproduce. Is this really the best for the child? Is it best for the little boy or girl to know their father was an anonymous sperm donor? Maybe, just maybe, could this be an opportunity to adopt a child that desperately needs a good home?

Children are not a commodity that can be bought and sold, nor are they disposable consumer items that we may discard at will. They are precious lives made in the image of Almighty God and should be treated with the same dignity and respect we would afford someone who is twenty years old. If we are going to effectively oppose the barbaric practice of abortion, we must first work to change our culture’s warped view of children. Sadly, this work must start in the church, because our world view is as corrupt there as in the secular culture.

2 thoughts on “Children, the state, and reproductive "rights"

  1. “Large families are obviously ignorant hicks who do not know any better.”

    Absolutely true in some cases. In others, compulsive breeding is dictated by religious fanaticism. Still others, like the bizarre tribe on the utterly repugnant “reality” TV show “19 Kids and Counting,” are media whores, plain and simple. The act of reproducing, in and of itself, is often accidental and cannot be rationally sanctified beyond its function as a biological process. Your own pastor, based on what I read online, publicly condemns couples who choose contraception as a means of family planning. At the ultimate extreme, we have Republican nitwits blathering on about rape through pregnancy or incest as “a gift from God.” Again, repugnant and absurd.


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