My extensive record of criticizing law enforcement

On HeraldTimesOnline, a hyperpartisan Leftist troll whined that for me to “acknowledge that the NYPD used excessive force in the Garner case, the blame must ultimately rest with a liberal Democrat.”

This, of course, is a lie designed to dismiss substantive policy-based criticism of Bill de Blasio, as well as criticism of his hypocrisy in attacking the NYPD for following his orders. There is not one single person on HeraldTimesOnline – or in Monroe County – who has less to prove than I do when it comes to criticizing law enforcement.

Do I need to link to my letters criticizing excessive force and violations of civil rights, especially in the name of the failed War on Drugs? Apparently I do, so you can see those letters to the editor here and here and here and here and here. And that does not even include my many blog posts on the subject.

The troll was wrong when he tied my criticism of de Blasio to his opposition to “stop and frisk” – and he knows it. It was pure gutter politics spewed by someone who hides behind a fake name. The fact that the hyperpartisan Leftist troll did not retract his shamefully dishonest attack speaks volumes about who and what he is.

Bill de Blasio could have directed the NYPD to make selling “loosies” a low-priority offense, like he (rightly) did with marijuana. He did not, because he is too greedy for other people’s money. Like a Mafia don, he was protecting his turf. He demanded some of that action. And when his made men do what he demands and shake people down for cash, he attacks them for it like the despicable hypocrite he is.

4 thoughts on “My extensive record of criticizing law enforcement

  1. “whined…pure gutter politics spewed…the hyperpartisan Leftist troll…Like a Mafia don, he was protecting his turf…”

    Funny how good points get buried alive and lost in excessive hyperbole. Even when you're right, to a point, I often wonder how much bile you snort each morning to get fired up for the next tirade. As for being “hyperpartisan,” well … pot, kettle, black.


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