Words matter!

Re-posting from Google Plus: When the suspect in a violent crime is 18 or 19 (a legal adult) it is very irritating when he (usually a he) is referred to as a “teenager.” That may be factually correct, but it is misleading and often intentionally dishonest. The suspect is a man, not a teenager.

Also, someone who is between 18 and 20 and drinking illegally is not a “minor.” He or she is underage. There is a big difference.

One thought on “Words matter!

  1. OK. I'll play the “words matter” game.

    When someone dies, the tax is on that person's estate. Not on that person't death. Most of us do not have to pay any taxes when we die; only those of use with enormous wealth.

    When you conduct mock executions, such as waterboarding or rectal “feeding”, that is “torture.” It is not “enhanced interrogations.”

    When you cut taxes on capital, it is not “tax relief.” It is “tax cuts for the wealthy incumbent holders of capital.”

    When you support “free trade agreements,” you support “shipping jobs overseas.”

    The above-corrected terms “may be factually correct” but they are misleading. Words matter.


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