To honor MLK Jr., let’s protect unborn black lives

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, blacks make up about 10% of Indiana’s population, but about 28% of abortions in the state of Indiana are done on black babies. (See and for the data.) If we truly believe that black lives matter, should we not be concerned that black babies are being aborted at a much higher rate than white babies?

This is an especially important question now, as we worry about how blacks (especially young black males) are treated by our criminal justice system. As we approach the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, we should also consider how we can ensure the blessings of life and liberty are extended to everyone – including unborn babies of all races.

Black lives do matter, even if the abortion industry does not seem to agree. January 22 will be the 42nd anniversary of the tragic Supreme Court decision that threw out laws against abortion in all fifty states, leaving unborn babies with little protection from the abortionist’s cruel instruments. We should unite under the idea that innocent life deserves to be protected, and oppose abortion. We should demand our legislators take action to protect the unborn.

2 thoughts on “To honor MLK Jr., let’s protect unborn black lives

  1. Such action would be unconstitutional. As I mentioned before Mr. Tibbs, yours is the extremist position.

    If you want to talk about how black lives matter, what about the black lives that choose to have an abortion? Do they matter? What about the black lives that (1) have already been born; (2) are not conservative Christians; (3) may choose to have sexy time that you find repulsive; etc.? Do they matter, or is it just when you can project your own conservative Christianity on them that they matter?

    Further, numerous people have different definitions of “life” than you do. It seems that you consider life to be manifest from the moment the egg is fertilized.

    Personally, I believe that the common law definition of life (remember, Scott, that the Constitution was grafted onto the common law, and where it does not expressly refute common law, common law holds true and remains the law of the land). When a fetus begins “quickening” sometime in the second trimester, there is a life. Not before.

    Others may be even further from your definition, asserting that life begins when the fetus can independently live outside of the womb. Those people would argue that your definition of life beginning at conception essentially enslaves the woman as no more than a womb for a being that has more rights than her. Still others may believe that life begins at birth. Why are you so cock sure that your definition is the correct one?

    Scott, your conception of rights is mind-boggling: You have more rights as a fetus than as a human being, until you incorporate, at which time you have as many rights as could be conceived by your high-dollar attorneys.

    Personally, I reject your view of such things.


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