Murder is already punishable by death!

A headline in the newspaper yesterday illustrated the absurdity of some of our state legislators: “Indiana Senate backs death penalty for beheading crimes.”

Don’t we have anything better to do? Murder is already illegal. Murder is already punishable by death, especially if aggravating factors are present. There is no need for another law.

This is just stupid and a waste of time.

2 thoughts on “Murder is already punishable by death!

  1. And, of course–as usual–it's your chosen “conservative” party wasting the time and taxpayers' money. How you support their endless litany of lies, hypocrisy, and grossly un-Christian behavior is very perplexing, unless political extremism trumps your “faith.”


  2. I think you're projecting, Michael. I may be a Republican, but I've never had blind loyalty to the Republican Party.

    I have voted for several Libertarian candidates when the Republican was unacceptable.

    I have even voted for a couple Democrats, though the last time I did that was 2004.


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