Nanny state ninnies in the GOP

Why are Republican legislators proposing a ban on cell phone use while driving? Reckless driving is already against the law. This nanny state stuff should not be coming from the GOP.

We got rid of a nanny state RINO last year, who supported making pseudoephedrine available only by prescription. Looks like more primary challenges are needed to get rid of some more RINOs.

One thought on “Nanny state ninnies in the GOP

  1. “We got rid of a nanny state RINO last year…”

    And if you think that solved anything, you're out of touch with reality. No matter what they tell howling crowds at stump speeches, “conservative” Republicans are all about big government. They just want to control the spigot and the trough. New tea party idol Joni Ernst is a prime case in point, lulling dumb voters with pledges to cut welfare, blathering on about her “hard-scrabble” life on a farm that received at least $500K in federal subsidies. Your idols have feet of clay–stuck knee-deep in b.s. They're liars and hypocrites. I always wonder what keeps you from seeing that.


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