Why was the Rally for Life not covered?

Bloomington Herald-Times, February 01, 2015 (Comments)

To the Editor:

On January 18, 225 people gathered at the Monroe County Courthouse to protest the killing of unborn babies – killing that takes place in our own community every week at the abortion “clinic” on South College Avenue. Our city and county councils vote every year to subsidize this facility, a truly shameful waste of our tax dollars. The Herald-Times did not bother to send a reporter to this event.

The next day, 150 people (a crowd 66% the size of the Rally for Life) participated in a “Reclaim MLK” event, including three people getting arrested and a white protester physically assaulting a black police officer. (Let the irony of that sink in for a minute.) The protesters snarled traffic and made a nuisance of themselves. The Herald-Times covered this.

The participants at the Rally for Life, meanwhile, obeyed traffic laws and even cleaned up litter that was on the courthouse lawn before we got there. In past years, young men have shoveled snow and cleared ice with donated salt when county government did not have the sidewalks cleared.

It is unfortunate that law-abiding citizens protesting 1.2 million babies killed every year did not get the coverage given the smaller protest.

One thought on “Why was the Rally for Life not covered?

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