The Crusades and ISIS

The problem with Barack Obama’s remarks about us not getting on our “high horse” about ISIS is that he used an example that is nearly a thousand years old. Everyone involved in the Crusades has been dead for hundreds of years. Not one single Christian on the planet participated in or was even alive during the Crusades. Meanwhile, ISIS war crimes are happening right now. It was a stupid example, one that the President is far too intelligent to use.

2 thoughts on “The Crusades and ISIS

  1. Other examples: inquisitions and witch hunts (global, 686 years); religious wars in Europe (1,270 years); destruction of Latin American native empires in God's name (89 years); North American genocide of native tribes under God's “manifest destiny” (270 years); Bible-sanctioned slavery (245 years); and sectarian violence in America (306 years).
    Modern Christian terrorists have slaughtered each other in Ireland; terrorized Muslims in Europe and Lebanon; kidnapped “child soldiers” for Africa's “Lord's Resistance Army”; murdered American doctors and nurses, plus thousands of nonwhites; and declared war on the U.S. government. Their groups include the KKK, Aryan Nations, The Order, Army of God, Phineas Priests, and countless “patriot militias.” Timothy McVeigh is their poster child. You really can't sweep it under the rug.


  2. McVeigh was not a Christian. This has been very well-documented.

    You're far too smart to make such an obviously false claim.

    I've never said terrible things have not been done in the name of Christ. Clearly, that has happened.

    What I am saying is it is silly to suggest Christians who have never committed an act of violence, and were born 900+ years after the Crusades, have any reason to be ashamed by what was done. It is silly to reprimand Christians who were born 900+ years after the Crusades about getting on our “high horse” about Muslim terrorists.

    Obama knows better. And so do you.


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