More thoughts on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

I posted the amended language for the Religious Freedom Restoration Act on the Facebook page. Just like the original RFRA, the new language changes nothing. This is because sexual orientation is not a protected class under Indiana law, was not a protected class before RFRA was passed, and was not a protected class between the signing of RFRA and the new language. It is all symbolism over substance.

On HeraldTimesOnline comments, someone claimed RFRA “does allow discrimination against gay Hoosiers and it has already happened in Walkerton.”

The hysteria over Memories Pizza is absurd. No one can show me even one homosexual couple that has not been able to have their wedding catered by this pizza joint. What happened is that the owners said they would not cater a same-sex wedding, which means literally nothing because no one is going to have a small-time pizza joint cater their wedding. In fact, the owners told that they have never catered any wedding.

All we have to back up the fraudulent “discrimination” claim against Memories Pizza are words said to a so-called “reporter” who was trolling for something inflammatory to write about. Then the “news” website smeared the business with an inflammatory trolling headline saying they would not serve homosexuals at all. It was a shameful and despicable lie that nearly destroyed (and may yet destroy) a family business.

Finally, Indiana’s RFRA does not even take effect until July 1, 2015. So even if RFRA critics were right that RFRA would explicitly allow businesses to not serve homosexuals, they could not use that law before it takes effect a little less than three months from now.

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