Pay close attention, Rachel Maddow!

“Once he announced that he wanted to be governor of Indiana, he basically didn’t even have to campaign for it, he just got it.” — Rachel Maddow on Mike Pence, May 19, 2015

I invite anyone who actually was paying attention to the gubernatorial race in Indiana in 2012, and saw the final result, to chew on that for a little bit.

Is it really that difficult to check your facts, Ms. Maddow?

One thought on “Pay close attention, Rachel Maddow!

  1. Pence is Tea Party trash. He was after the White House before he became governor and he's still chasing it with grandstand world tours, various crackpot political machinations, and idiotic posturing for the far right. If he goes any farther in public life it's a gross travesty.


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