2 thoughts on “My campaign website is up.

  1. Rather amazingly, I agree with three of your five announced goals. Alas, since I live in Brown County and, in any case, have vowed never to vote for any member of the GOP until it sheds its excess baggage in the form of religious zealots, I can't help you. And frankly speaking, if your understandable family priorities prevent you running a normal campaign, how can you possibly do this job while maintaining your normal work load and being a fully involved parent? Sounds a bit like you're planning on defeat, albeit without the tons of donations banked by phony GOP candidates on a national scale.


  2. The council would be a time commitment, but less so than a campaign.

    My primary responsibility would be attending the weekly council meeting, reading and studying the course packet (which I can do at home) and any committee assignments.

    If I was serious about a full time campaign as a Republican, though, I would be pretty much booked from now to November.

    That would require going door to door several nights a week plus weekends, attending every community event I can find out about, running a table every week at the Farmer's market, and also spend a lot of time fundraising.

    I figure I would need to spend at least $10,000.

    So far, I have spent $8.00 on a domain name.


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