Looking back on corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood

As I have done for thirteen of the previous fifteen years, I attended the Bloomington City Council meeting last month to lobby the councilors not to give taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood. After several people spoke, including one man who gave a powerful speech about his own child, the city council voted unanimously to fund PP without any comment or attempt to justify the vote. In years past, they have at least attempted to justify their votes. Not this year.

This unanimous vote took place despite very disturbing testimony from one local resident who reported the findings of Indiana’s state health department finding numerous serious violations at the Bloomington Planned Parenthood “clinic.” One of those violations was patient files stored in an insecure location, a decade after the city council gave Planned Parenthood a handout partially to address secure file storage.

One of the excuses corporate welfare apologists have used in the past is that the social services funding recommendations are an “all or nothing” deal. The councilors can either vote for all of the grants or vote for none of them. Should the other organizations face a potential disruption in order to deny Planned Parenthood? But this has always been a disingenuous rebuttal to pro-life objections to giving a handout to Bloomington’s abortion mill.

The Monroe County Council, which has only been distributing social service grants since 2008, has found a solution to this problem. They vote on each individual grant one at a time. This allows councilors who oppose funding for certain organizations to vote their conscience while supporting grants to other organizations. This is one reform that should be implemented for the 2016 social services funding process.

It is clear that the city council does not care about the sincere objections of local citizens to being forced to fund an abortion mill. The bored, dismissive facial expressions and gestures of some of the councilors was plenty of evidence for that. In the 2015 city elections, the people of Bloomington should vote for diversity and vote for councilors who take citizen objections seriously. That means not voting for any Democrats.

6 thoughts on “Looking back on corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood

  1. Perhaps your city council addresses your objections with “bored, dismissive facial expressions and gestures” because you have said the same thing “for thirteen of the previous fifteen years” and are akin to a broken record?

    Just because you feel strongly about the issue does not make yours the majority opinion. I am glad that you are running for this office; perhaps after you lose the election, you will then be convinced that only a small minority of your fellow citizens share your views.


  2. When I noticed the dismissive attitude of the councilors was when others were speaking, not during my speech.

    “Majority opinion” is the appeal to popularity fallacy. It does not address whether Planned Parenthood needs or deserves the handout.

    If and when I lose, it won't necessarily be a reflection on me or my opposition to corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood. I'm running as a write in, meaning I'm not on the ballot.

    To mount a serious campaign, I would have to be going door-to-door and campaigning every day, at least 20-30 hours a week. I'm not doing that.

    I would also have to raise and spend a minimum of $10,000 to be truly competitive. $15,000 to $20,000 would be better, and I would have had to start the process of raising money in the summer of 2014. I've spent $8.00 so far.

    As I explained in my announcement, I'm running purely to provide voters a choice they would not have otherwise.

    If I had not filed, voters would have only four options for the three at-large seats, when to truly have a choice there should be at least six. With me in the mix, there are five options at-large.


  3. Your “Throwback Thursday” comment on rape has a bug rejecting comments, so I'll slip one in here. Rape is certainly a heinous crime–but once again, your GOP allies are calling it a “blessing” if it results in pregnancy. Most recently, lawmaker Brian Kurcaba of W.Va. and party official Sharon Barnes in Mo. Why do you ally yourself with such fanatical morons?


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