2015 Election Results

8,452 voters went to the polls for the November 3 city election.

Mayor, City of Bloomington

John Hamilton (Democrat) 6243

John Turnbull (Republican) 1822

Total 8065

Clerk, City of Bloomington

Nicole Bolden (Democrat) 6322

Total 6322

City Council, Member At-Large, City of Bloomington

Tim Mayer (Democrat) 6131

Andy Ruff (Democrat) 5738

Susan Sandberg (Democrat) 6135

Jennifer Mickel (Republican) 2352

Scott Tibbs (write-in candidate) 281

City Council, District 1, City of Bloomington

Chris Sturbaum (Democrat) 727

Dave Nakarado (Libertarian) 354

City Council, District 2, City of Bloomington

Dorothy Granger (Democrat) 551

City Council, District 3, City of Bloomington

Allison M. Chopra (Democrat) 1110

Nelson Shaffer (Republican) 429

City Council, District 4, City of Bloomington

Dave Rollo (Democrat) 1882

City Council, District 5, City of Bloomington

Isabel Piedmont-Smith (Democrat) 1626

City Council, District 6, City of Bloomington

Stephen Volan (Democrat) 225

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