Shameful lies about Seven Oaks Classical School

Published in the Herald-Times on November 23, 2015

There is not and has never been one single shred of evidence that Seven Oaks Classical School will teach creationism. Furthermore, the repeated claims that Seven Oaks is a religious school are completely false. In addition, Seven Oaks will not and is not legally permitted to discriminate on the basis of religion.

These allegations are lies, fabricated out of thin air by irresponsible and unethical MCCSC partisans who have absolutely no problem lying about Seven Oaks in order to stifle competition and prevent Monroe County parents from having another choice for where we educate our children.

If the charter is approved, Seven Oaks will be overseen by state government per the Indiana Code – just as MCCSC is overseen by state government. Charter schools are public schools under Indiana law and while they are afforded some degree of independence they are required to obey the law and submit to state government’s authority just like traditional public schools. Therefore, a charter school does not represent “taxation without representation.”

Seven Oaks offers a time-tested method of teaching that has been proven to be successful. Obviously, children and teens can get a good education in MCCSC and many have done so. All we as parents are asking is that we be given another choice, to offer our children the best education possible. If Seven Oaks does not attract students, it will fail.

But MCCSC partisans are afraid Seven Oaks will succeed. They believe our children belong to MCCSC, and that there should be no competition. They oppose allowing parents – who are in by far the best position to know what is best for our children – to direct our children’s education and seek what is best. They demand a one-size-fits all monopoly. They are anti-choice, and we have seen they are not above lies and fabrications to smear those who want to provide another option. It is shameful.

Everyone knows that all children are different and an educational model that works for some may not work for all. Seven Oaks emphasizes mathematical skills, civic literacy (which is sorely lacking in our culture today) and, most exciting, teaching Latin.

I am completely opposed to vouchers for private schools and while I am a Republican I think Republicans have been short sighted to support them. With government money comes government strings and I do not want government controlling private schools – especially Christian schools. But charter schools like Seven Oaks provide a solid middle ground – a fully public school with an alternate method of teaching.

I have two sons, ages three and one. When Seven Oaks began the process of applying to be a public charter school, I was excited at the opportunity for my boys to learn in a rigorous academic environment. I have no connection to the school other than hoping my sons have the opportunity to be educated there. I plead with the trustees of Grace College to allow me to have this choice.

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