Todd Young, Marlin Stutzman and ballot access

Re-posted from Facebook:

I like Todd Young. I have voted for him five times. But he either got enough signatures to be eligible for the 2016 Republican primary for U.S. Senate or he didn’t. That’s the real question here. If he didn’t get enough signatures, he’s not eligible to be on the ballot. Period. That’s not dirty politics, from the Democrats or the Stutzman campaign. That’s the law.

So let’s stop playing these games about “Chicago politics” and other such nonsense. Let’s examine the facts and see if Young qualifies. I hope Young has enough signatures and from what I’ve seen I think he does. Let’s let the process play out, and be sure it’s fair. That means every valid signature should be counted.

I don’t have a side, by the way. I like both Young and Marlin Stutzman and I wish I could vote for both. But I am someone who believes in the Rule of Law.