Trump’s many disqualifying factors

I saw a Facebook post yesterday telling Republicans to chill out over Donald Trump’s support of Planned Parenthood. But let’s be clear: If Donald Trump was anti-Planned Parenthood and had been 100% pro-life for the last fifty years and I would still never vote for the man.

He’s anti-gun. He’s an unrepentant serial adulterer. He has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democrats. He is hostile to private property rights. He is hostile to free speech. He has promised to advance the GLBT agenda. He’s an obnoxious, foul-mouthed bully. He is emotionally unstable. He refuses to denounce the KKK.

He has played to racism in his anti-immigration rhetoric. He has openly bragged about his promiscuity. He has bragged about how he would date his own daughter. He compared dodging sexually transmitted diseases to being a soldier in Vietnam. (He sure does respect veterans!) He has promised to torture people. He has promised to murder the innocent family members of terrorists. He lies constantly.

I will never vote for Donald Trump.