A childish response to #NeverTrump

As the #NeverTrump movement gains steam, I am seeing an increasing number of childish Trumpites and/or hyperpartisan Republicans scold the movement for allegedly “taking your ball and running home.”

The “Never Trump” movement has substantive, policy-based and practical reasons for opposing Trump. This is not us pouting because our favored candidate did not win. Speaking only for myself, I would have been happy with any of the Republicans who ran for President this cycle. But as I have explained many times, I will never vote for Donald Trump. I have been very explicit in outlining my reasons for doing so. (For more, see here and here and here and here and here.) Childish taunts will only harden my opposition to Trump and make my opposition to him louder.

If you’re looking to unite the GOP, taunting people who have legitimate principled and practical objections to Trump is absolutely not the way to do it. All you’re going to do is harden the opposition to Trump and make people more determined to oppose him.