The wicked idolatry of Trump cultists

I saw this image on Twitter and as a Christian it angered me.

In Trump we trust? Like “In God we Trust?”


This what I mean by cult-like behavior. There are good arguments to be made for Trump, but treating him like some sort of messiah is pure idolatry and terribly wicked.

Trump cultists look at Trump the way the Branch Davidians looked at David Koresh. This idolatry must be rejected and rebuked.

I should not have to say this, but this disclaimer is needed anyway for hypersensitive crybabies who see this post: Most Trump supporters are not cultists. But some absolutely are.

And yes, there were Obama cultists and there are Hillary cultists. There most certainly were Bernie cultists. There were Bush cultists and Reagan cultists.

I am condemning ALL cults. I am condemning ALL fanatical devotion to a single person. We are NOT to worship human beings. We are to worship God.

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