Ann Boehm is the only choice for county Auditor

Bloomington Herald-Times, August 25, 2016

To the editor:

Is there any option other than voting Republican this November for county Auditor? The following statement in the August 10 Herald-Times caught my eye:

“According to a letter from the commissioners’ office to the elected officials’ bond agencies, both former county Auditor Steve Saulter and current county Treasurer Cathy Smith failed to properly perform their duties as laid out in statute.”

Smith, of course, is the Democratic candidate for Auditor. If anything shows that she is not qualified to be Auditor, this is it. Therese Chambers, the “independent” candidate, was chief deputy during this time and during the failed administration of Amy Gerstman. She admitted in the Herald-Times that she needed to “restore trust, honesty and integrity to the office.”

Why has she not done that as chief deputy? More importantly, why would we continue this failed leadership?

Fortunately, we have a highly qualified candidate with the relevant experience and, most importantly, the integrity needed to manage this department. Ann Boehm is the Republican candidate for Auditor.

We need to elect Ann Boehm in order to break with the failed leadership (and corruption!) of the past. Electing Democrat Cathy Smith, or “independent” Democrat Therese Chambers, will not get that done.

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