Vote for Shaffer and White to ensure transparency

Bloomington Herald-Times, September 26, 2016

To the editor:

The county commissioners need to commit to full transparency, because the voters deserve nothing less. To achieve this goal, vote for Paul White and Nelson Shaffer.

Shaffer and White have pledged to use county government’s e-mail server for official business instead of using private e-mail accounts. Two of the incumbent county commissioners do this currently, and this practice needs to stop.

This is very simple: Official county business should be conducted on county government’s e-mail server in order to be fully transparent and to keep records of what the commissioners are doing. There is no way to know the records are being properly preserved if official business is conducted on a private e-mail account.

This is not a small issue. Government must be fully open and transparent to ensure the people are being represented well.

Please do not vote based on party affiliation. Do not just vote Democrat because you dislike Donald Trump. That philosophy has led to over a decade of mismanagement of county government finances as well as credit card fraud. We need to vote for local office on local qualifications.

Vote for transparency and open government. Vote for Nelson Shaffer and Paul White for Monroe County Commissioner.