Vote like a human resources manager

Bloomington Herald-Times, October 24, 2016

To the editor:

We must professionalize county government. The best way to do that is to elect Ann Boehm as county Auditor and Ann Collins as county Treasurer.

It has been expected for decades that a new elected official can bring in her own staff when elected, as well as keeping some employees. This raises some obvious questions. Why? Does this serve the taxpayers? Does this serve dedicated county employees who have served well for years?

Boehm and Collins have promised this will end if they are elected. They will implement basic “best practices” in the Auditor and Treasurer offices. They will not terminate someone without cause or for political reasons. This is something that has been needed for a very long time, because the practice of “cleaning house” in favor of nepotism, patronage and cronyism has resulted in financial mess after financial mess.

Boehm and Collins will not make policy. They will be financial managers. The question is not who you agree with politically. The question is who has the skills, the experience and (most importantly) the ethics needed to run those offices. You need to vote like you are a Human Resources manager, and the only option is Boehm and Collins.