A telemarketer called me the other day. I was politely trying to ask to be taken off the list. She talked over me. Nobody hears the other when both people are talking, so I was forced to say “Shut up. Shut up.” She shut her mouth and let me talk.

I was trying to be nice and polite. I really was. But sometimes you have to be nasty.

The fraudster who was bugging me earlier this year still calls occasionally. Usually they are TRIGGERED and hang up when I ask the name of the company. Once I actually got someone to stay on the line with me after I asked that question. He was TRIGGERED and hung up on me when I asked for the address of the company.

If you won’t even answer these basic questions, then you are almost certainly a criminal trying to steal from me.

One thought on “TRIGGERED!!

  1. I always try to be polite and the legitimate ones usually lay off (like the IU student foundation). Before the no call list we would get calls from “police helping people with disabilities” or “helping poor little children”. At the time I was working at the CHAP Clinic and Abilities Unlimited so always knew people who needed help. You would have love the responses I would get when I would compliment them on their work and then ask them who should my people needing help call and how do we access it. Most of them would hang up rather than admit there was no help available. I loved it cause when I'd be complimenting them, you could almost see them salivating over the money they thought they were about to get.


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