"Alternative facts"

Donald Trump’s team handled “alternative facts” very poorly, but they actually do have a legitimate point. In any political discussion, the two sides present facts, statistics and arguments to make their case.

For example: The Indiana Daily Student reported there were one hundred people at the 2017 Rally for Life. The “alternative facts” presented by Christian Citizens for Life had the number at 240 people. Both were right, actually, though both were right at different times. When the IDS estimated the number, there actually were about 100 people there.

The people who attend the Rally for Life tend to be a late-arriving bunch because they go to church, have lunch, and then get to the rally. When you have children, it can take a long time to go from church to a meal to an event. Ultimately, CCFL’s number was right and the IDS’s number was wrong. The IDS should have counted again as more people arrived.

Trump’s team does need to do a better job with messaging in the future.