Trump supporters need to stop whining about 2016!

In case you have not noticed, we are in April of 2017. That means the 2016 presidential election is over. Donald Trump is now the President of these United States, and it is foolhardy to continue to litigate the 2016 election – especially the continued whining about #NeverTrump voters from Trump supporters.

There were divisions in the Republican Party in 2016. Most Republicans fell in line and supported the nominee, but a few rebels (me included) refused to vote for Donald Trump. I am not going to re-litigate why I made that decision. I had my reasons for being #NeverTrump and I do not regret my decision.

But with that said, many Republicans who had serious reservations about Trump – including #NeverTrump voters like me – have been very pleased with his performance as President. I did not trust Trump (and I still do not) but it is clear that he mostly knows who his friends are and who his enemies are. He has been very good on policy, and I have been impressed. As it stands right now, I will probably vote for Trump in 2020. If he was up for re-election as I write this post, I would definitely vote for him in the general election. But if people like Dennis Prager want to drive former #NeverTrump voters away (including those who now support the President) then continually whining about 2016 is the perfect way to do it.

Here is the bottom line: You need to get over it and move on. I understand why many Republicans were opposed to and even angry with the #NeverTrump movement. But the #NeverTrump movement is dead. Maybe it will come back in 2020, but I doubt that will happen. It is long past time for bitter winners in the Trump camp to stop fighting last year’s battles and focus your fire on Democrats. Continuing to fight with #NeverTrump Republicans (who have mostly abandoned their #NeverTrump status) will only continue to divide the Republican Party and the conservative movement and make it easier for Democrats to win.

One thought on “Trump supporters need to stop whining about 2016!

  1. Really? It blows my mind that someone could look at an administration under some yet-to-be-elucidated level of undue influence by Russia who in the first hundred days has deliberately installed the absolute worst possible leaders for every Cabinet department there is, can't work with its own party to do something (repeal Obamacare) they've been crowing about for seven years, needlessly escalates conflicts in multiple countries, and has trouble even going before the press and making a truthful statement – and say you'd like four more years of that. Wow.

    The one thing I agreed with Trump on when he was campaigning was his promise to stop wasting money on useless foreign wars. Nope. He's even more bellicose than Dubya.


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