Steuben County Republican Party breakfast

There was a great discussion at the Steuben County Republican Party breakfast on Saturday.

A state senator and state representative offered a very helpful explanation of the gas tax increase, and how much the overall tax burden has been reduced to put the increase in context. They both clearly know their stuff on the budget and I was impressed with how detailed the discussion was on policy.

The state is also being fiscally responsible. Human Resources is one of the biggest expenses in government, and we have several thousand fewer state employees than we did 12 years ago, which is impressive.

Senator Glick and Representative Zent also highlighted legislation to ensure someone who has had a stroke is sent to the nearby hospital most equipped to deal with strokes, especially since time is to important.

There was also an explanation of legislation that helps teens in foster care stay on Medicaid after they turn 18. Currently teens in an intact family have that option but those in foster care do not. This closes that gap in addition to providing life skills to help them become independent.

I was also impressed that, when asked how much Steuben County would be getting under the road funding legislation, they immediately looked it up to provide the exact number!

Steuben County is being represented well in Indianapolis.

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