How about showing a little respect?

I am disappointed that “students” decided to walk out of a speech by the Vice President of these United States when he spoke at Notre Dame University. But here is something that I do not understand. A major factor in the walkout was anger over Pence’s policies as governor of Indiana, and Pence’s views on abortion and homosexuality. But why would anyone who is angered and “offended” by someone who holds a view consistent with the Roman Catholic Church’s doctrine on abortion and homosexuality ever attend a Catholic university in the first place?

How about showing a little respect? Like him or not, Mike Pence is the Vice President of these United States, the second-in-command of our nation. Previous to that, Pence was elected governor of our state. It should be an honor that the person speaking to you is someone who has held these important offices. Whatever you think of Pence and his policies, you should at least respect the offices of Governor and Vice President that Pence held and holds, respectively.

Why not listen to what he has to say? What is the harm done by respectfully listening to our former governor and current Vice President? I have met Mike Pence in person and he is one of the nicest, most humble men I have ever had the privilege of speaking with. Everyone I know who works with him speaks very highly of him. Who knows? You might hear a perspective you had not considered before and you might even learn something. Is that not the entire purpose of attending a university in the first place? Do you think that because you are graduating, you have no more to learn? I can promise you, nearly 20 years after my own graduation from college, that is not the case.

You have embarrassed your university and your state with this show of disrespect. You do not realize it, but you have embarrassed yourselves too. Behaving in such a disrespectful manner will not endear you to future employers, especially if you continue to behave like this in the real world.

One thought on “How about showing a little respect?

  1. It is perfectly within those students' First Amendment rights to peacefully protest as they did. A key difference between democracy and autocracy is the ability to let those in charge know when you disapprove of their policies. Did you have equal contempt for the folks who walked out on Obama?


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