Trolling is not leadership

The conservative movement is dying on the vine. Conservatism is dying not because Leftists are gaining ground culturally or politically. In fact, Republicans have gained a massive amount of political territory between 2010, 2014 and 2016. But Conservatism is not the same as the success of the Republican Party.

No, conservatism is dying because a huge swath of the conservative movement has abandoned principles, integrity and sound arguments in search of leaders who will “fight the Left.” Worse yet, we are thrilled by and elevate people to leadership not even because they take the fight to the Left, but because they anger and provoke the Left. As an example, see Milo Yiannopoulos. It has even gotten to the point that conservatives are praising President Trump for successfully “trolling” Leftists into fits of sputtering rage.

Folks, this is not leadership and this does not advance our values.

Obviously, Leftists are going to be angry at us. But when they are angry, they should be angry for a reason. Someone will be angry with me if I slap him across the face, but that does not advance conservative ideas or get conservative policy passed and signed into law. (It will, however, cause me to get a well-deserved beating.) If someone is angry with me because I advocate for the unborn, engage in reasonable criticism of a Leftist public figure or argue against bad public policy, then I have actually accomplished something.

We have to stop treating politics like it is a war between two street gangs. “Red” voters and “Blue” voters should not see themselves as Bloods and Crips, with Republicans satisfied simply because the Bloods score more damage on the Crips than we take. We have to re-focus ourselves on principles, integrity, character, sound argumentation and good public policy. The future of our nation is at stake.

One thought on “Trolling is not leadership

  1. No, the Left is angry with conservatives for taking away assistance from the needy, preventing our country from having a 21st-century health care system, obliterating the economy in 2007-08, running up enormous amounts of debt while claiming to be “fiscally responsible,” pushing for discrimination against LGBT people, actively impeding efforts to protect the environment, stealing a Supreme Court seat, putting every imaginable roadblock in Obama's way just because of who he is – no matter what he was trying to accomplish, trying to funnel public funds into religious schools, spending an unGodly amount of money on overseas military bases and needless wars while allowing our infrastructure to decay to third-world status, cheating elections by choosing their voters, creating alternative facts and using them to justify cruel policies, blocking parental leave that remotely resembles what anyone else in the world gets, constantly fighting regulations that would protect consumers, doing everything imaginable to keep dangerous weapons on the streets in the hands of dangerous people, electing a dangerously unhinged narcissist as President, and so on. So yes, we're angry for a reason.

    But I do absolutely agree that we need to stop with this sports-team mentality. We need to agree as a nation that we're going to seek the truth in good faith and use that as a basis for rational policy debate. You know, the way we used to when America was “great.”


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