It is called “doing his job.”

One of the headlines in a message sent to Rachel Maddow’s e-mail list was this:

“Trump gives win to Putin by granting unearned meeting.”

Oh, good grief. This is silly.

Russia is a world power, and is still the second most powerful nation on the planet (militarily, anyway) behind these United States. They have enormous economic and political power. If Hillary (or Bernie) was President, Maddow would not be whining that the President gave them an “unearned meeting.”

For crying out loud, get off it. Yes, there are concerns with Russian meddling in the campaign* but of course the President is going to meet with Putin. That is his job.


*Meddling in the campaign is not the same as meddling in the election, as there is not one single shred of evidence that the election itself was hacked.