Yes, I have enemies. That was not my choice.

We live in a truly pathetic society, where truths that in decades past would be taken for granted are now shocking. People get the vapors and fall on their fainting couches simply because someone sees what is in front of their face and names it.

In my September 18 letter to the editor, I mentioned that “my enemies” are lying about me. I used that phrase – “my enemies.” Now, of course I have enemies. When people continually lie about me, attempt to blackmail me into silence, fraudulently connect me to crimes I have nothing do do with, and viciously personally attack and smear me, they have chosen to be my enemies. It was not my choice to have enemies. My enemies have chosen me, not the other way around. I am simply recognizing reality.

One Leftist wrote a long-winded pretentious screed patting himself on the back because he does not have “enemies.” He is better than me, of course. I am “tribal” and ruled by “hate.” He is much more enlightened than I am. Of course, he then immediately posted the following, after his lecture:

smug looking demons do the work of Bezzlebub, and are unable to hold real jobs, because they are mutually repulsive with decent society.

The next day, he posted this:

Anti-choice protesters are the scum of the Earth. Their demonic evil serves Bezzlebub.

Clearly, pro-life activists are his enemies. The fact that he directly equates us to Satan demonstrates how we are his enemies. (I did not equate anyone to Satan in my letter, by the way.) While I have the integrity to call a spade a spade and point out that those who have chosen to be my enemies are indeed my enemies, this individual clearly does not have the integrity needed to do that. That he could write a long-winded pretentious rant against having enemies and then proceeds to identify specific people as his enemies is the ultimate hypocrisy from the ultimate hypocrite.

I often hear that in politics we have opponents, not enemies. In many cases that is true, and ideally it should be true. But we need to stop being pathetic little snowflakes terrified of noticing what is shoved into our faces. We need to recognize the truth that is directly in front of us. This is especially important for Christians. We are not more righteous than King David, a man after God’s own heart who repeatedly referred to his enemies in the Psalms. If we speak for God’s truth – in this case that abortion murders a baby made in the image of God – then we will have enemies. Put your big boy pants on and speak the truth.

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