End funding for “All Options”

The rant by the Center Director of All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center in the October 31 Indianapolis Star should be all the evidence we need for why the Bloomington City Council and the Monroe County Council need to stop forcing taxpayers to fund this organization.

First of all, adding the word “care” after the word “abortion” does not make it caring. The procedure still results in a dead baby, and intentionally so. There is nothing less caring than killing a helpless innocent.

Second, Shelly Dodson demonstrated no “duplicity” from abortion opponents. In fact, abortion opponents have been up front and direct about our desire to repeal ObamaCare and protect unborn babies from the abortionists that “All Options” happily pays to kill those babies.

Third, the broad brush attack on anti-abortion lawmakers and protesters is both false and uncalled for. Yes, you can point to hypocrites in any issue, but it is simply false to claim that “the same protesters and lawmakers” seek abortions themselves. This is an absurd leap of logic, and the editorial standards of a reputable newspaper should not allow such a broad brush attack to be printed.

Dodson did successfully demonstrate how radical and politically motivated “All Options” actually is, and why this pro-abortion activist organization should not get a single penny of public funds from local government in Bloomington and Monroe County. This is not a harmless organization that merely provides diapers. This is a radical group that pushes a political agenda.

If the Bloomington City Council and Monroe County Council continue to fund this organization (and Planned Parenthood) then the state legislature should step in and prohibit this corporate welfare.

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